A Jump Shooting Team Can Win

Charles Barkley on Jump  Shooting Teams

In January, Charles Barkley was quoted as saying that, ““I have said the exact same thing for 16 years here.  I don’t like jump-shooting teams. I don’t think you can win the championship beating good teams shooting jumpers.”  Barkley went on to say, “Klay (Thompson) and Steph (Curry) are great players, and they’ve got a great home court, but I’m just saying…in a seven-game series, I don’t think they can make enough jumpers…No disrespect to the Golden State Warriors. I like teams that are built inside-out.”  Often times, I find myself agreeing with Charles Barkley.  His analysis is candid, honest, and usually quite accurate.  However, this time around I had a really hard time buying what he said.  As a former coach, I too build my teams from the inside out and our goal was to get to the rim first, but it is not always that easy to get to the basket.  The guys in the NBA are built like monsters and take up a ton of space.  They are also quicker and more athletic so driving lanes close down much quicker.  That being said jump shots are often times the only shot available and you need to make them in order to score. Golden State proved that this year by winning the NBA title as a jump shooting team.  In fact, a case can be made that the San Antonio Spurs, although not dubbed a, “Jump Shooting Team” won the title last year because they moved the basketball and shot the ball far better from the perimeter than the Heat.  Furthermore, The Dallas Mavericks won their title by also shooting the ball well from three.  So as much as it pains me to say this, Charles…you are wrong

The Importance of the Jump Shot

In recent years, the three pointer is becoming more and more important to teams in the NBA and plays a large role in the success of that team.  This season, of the nine teams that shot the most three pointers per game, eight made the playoffs and of the 10 teams who shot the lowest amount of threes per game on two made the playoffs.  Interestingly enough, Golden State was fourth this season in three point attempts with Cleveland, the team they just defeated for the NBA championship, having the third most attempts.  Going further, the ten teams with the highest three point percentages all made the playoffs while the seven lowest three point field goal shooting teams only had one team make it.  I even made the case all winter long at my workouts that the two best jump shooting teams in the league, the Hawks and the Warriors had the best records.  Finally, the last four teams left in the NBA this season all had the highest four three point shooting percentages in the playoffs.  What do these stats prove?  That jump shooting is vital to a team’s success and that the best jump shooting teams do actually win.

* All Stats courtesy of  Paul Hoover

How You Can Improve Your Jump Shot

Jump shooting is about learning the proper mechanics and then shooting the ball properly a lot.  Repetitions are great but only if they are good repetitions.  Too many players have poor form and unfortunately for them, the never correct it and continue to reinforce those poor habits with bad repetitions.  Finding a professional jump shooting coach could be a life saver for you when it comes to making more jump shots.  If you are interested in learning the jump shooting secrets of the pros, check out Elite Basketball Training’s private jump shot training.  We utilize the Pro Shot System and produce many great jump shooters each year.

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