Agility Ladder One on One Drill

When I create my basketball workouts for the players that train with me, my goal is to keep them as efficient as possible.  This means incorporating as many different skills as I can into the drills used in the workout.  This includes the obvious skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting but also the skill of agility which is highly important yet often overlooked.  Each one of my Elite Basketball Training workouts includes drills in which the basketball players will run through drills combine basketball skills like shooting, dribbling, and passing with agility. 

Along with combining these skill sets, it is imperative that players transfer their skills to game like situations, a concept that I refer to as transferability.  This can be done individually with games like Beat the Pro as well as in small groups with various one on one drills.  These drills are used to create competition which often makes players try harder and to get players to incorporate the skills they have learned into a game like situation. 

The Agility Ladder One on Ond Drill is a perfect example of a drill the incorporates basketball skills and agility into a competitive situation.  This drill can be used at all levels of play but is better served at some of the higher levels of play.   

Categories: Agility, Ballhandling / Dribbling, Games/Fun, Offensive Moves

Purpose of the Drill:

The purpose of this drill is to work on ladder agility drills with a partner while turning it into a fun game of one on one.


Agility ladder 1 on 1

  • In this step, two players are lined up to run through the agility ladders.
  • The offensive player will dribble the basketball while running through the ladder while the defensive player will run through.
  • Once the players get through the ladders, it becomes a one on one game to one point.
  • Switch offense to defense after a few repetitions.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Move quickly through the ladder.
  • Change the movement pattern (3 step, 4 step, hops, lateral in and outs, etc.) of the defensive player in order to make it more difficult for them.
  • Limit the number of dribbles for the offensive player to two or three dribbles.
  • Make sure the defensive player boxes out.
  • Move the ladders to other parts of the court like the wing and the baseline.

Motivation/Teaching Tips:

  • Play to a designated number of points.
  • Have a consequence for the loser.

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