Are You a Basketball Warrior?

My Elite Basketball Training workouts are intense workouts that always focus on developing great skills while getting you in the best basketball shape possible.  I want my players to be warriors on the court so I design my workouts to be harder than the games themselves.  Honestly, what good is a basketball player who can make all their jumpshots while standing around and shooting but is not in good enough condition to get open or even get up and down the court?  The answer, not much good at all.  I like to use drills that incorporate as many aspects of basketball training into them because it makes for a more efficient workout.  The drill below is one such example of this and will help alleviate that problem of being an out of shape jump shooter.  This drill is an intense shooting drill that combines sprinting, backpedaling, footwork, shooting, and finishing all into one drill.  Now that is training efficiency and that is going to make you a warrior! 

Purpose of the Drill:

The purpose of this drill is to develop your jump shooting and finishing while adding elements of conditioning, agility, and footwork.





  • The player will sprint a banana cut to a designated spot in the front court.
  • When they get to that spot, plant, pivot, and sprint to the elbow for a jump shot.
  • Then backpedal back to the spot near half court.
  • Then run another banana cut toward the rim for a layup.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Proper footwork stepping into their shot.
  • Change directions by planting your foot and pivoting.
  • Elevate and finish high on the jumper and the layup.
  • Use various finishing moves.
  • Incoporate the dribble into the jump shot and the finish.

Motivation/Teaching Tips:

  • Do for time or a prescribed number of makes.
  • Have two players compete against each other for number of makes.

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