Are You, “Allergic to Mediocrity?”

This week while riding into work I was once again listening to Mike and Mike as I always do. With the college football playoffs recently released, that was a hot button topic on the show, particularly, Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson ┬áTide who appear to be a lock to win their second consecutive championship. Nick Saban, the iconic head coach of the Tide is on quite a run with them and did not do to shabby when he was the coach of their now rival, LSU, winning a BCS national championship there. Former pro football player turned analyst was a guest on the show and, having been an all SEC player for Saban while at LSU was asked what one thing makes Nick Saban such an incredible coach. Without hesitation, Clark responded, “He’s allergic to mediocrity.” Clark further explained that Saban demanded that you play with fire on every play and if you didn’t he’d just get rid of you. There was no in between.

Are you a player or coach who is allergic to mediocrity? One that will accept nothing less than the best on every play of every practice or game? The great players and coaches in any sport are like this. That is what makes them who they are. When they are alone in a dark, lonely gym working on their game, the perform just as hard as they would when the lights are on and the house is packed. As I alluded to last week, great players are great all the time. They do not have a switch that they turn on and off. There is no middle ground with these players. They are not allergic to mediocrity.

Let me know your thoughts on mediocrity and how hard you practice to develop your basketball skills.


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