Ball-Handling Fundamentals

When it comes to basketball skills training, I always preach about building solid fundamentals.  Incorporating the fundamentals into all aspects of your basketball training ensures that you will have a solid base to build upon.  No player is too old to work on the basics so therefore, all of my basketball players start every single shooting session with a series of form drills in order to build consistency and repetition.  

When we train for ball-handling, things are no different.  There is always a series of fundamental ball-handling drills that my players start off with in order to  improve their base.  These drills usually consist of finger tip control, figure eights, circles, pounds, cross-overs, dribbling figure eights, push-pulls, etc. and they can be done for either a set amount of time or for a predetermined number of reps.   

Below is one of the fundamental ball-handling warmups that my players use before beginning their full court dribbling series.  The warmup only takes about five minutes and is great for building finger tip control, grip strength, balance, posture, and keeping their head up.  All of these are essentials to being a great ball-handler.

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