Basketball Academy Training for Youth Basketball Leagues

Basketball Academy For Youth Basketball Leagues

Basketball Academy: The Vision for Fast Break Basketball League

When Dave Rychalsky and John Sacktig, approached me over a year ago about potentially running a basketball academy for their recreational basketball league I was intrigued and excited about the potential to impact so many more basketball players in East Brunswick, a new and previously uncharted territory for me.  Both Mr. Rychalsky and Mr. Sacktig are board members for Fast Break Basketball, one of the largest recreational and travel basketball programs in the state of New Jersey and they had a vision of developing a more highly skilled and advanced basketball league that would be more fun for all who participate.  Obviously with over a thousand players in the Fast Break league, there are major discrepancies in the skill levels of all the players.  This can create a problem during league play as teams will not always be created equally leading to unbalanced scoring and blowouts in games.  With this in mind we created the Elite Basketball Training Academy for Fast Break Basketball Players which will serve to develop the fundamental skills of all who attend and consequently increase the level of game play.

Stressing the Fundamentals of Basketball Through Progressive Programming

The Elite Basketball Training Academy was created with the intention of evening out the skill level of the players in the Fast Break Basketball league.  In order to do this it is necessary to realize the varying skill levels or the players involved.  Through many extensive conversations with Mr. Rychalsky and Mr. Sacking, whose sons both play in the league, it became clear that stressing the fundamentals was a priority for the majority of the players in Fast Break.  Therefore, when designing the curriculum for this academy fundamental skills such as passing and dribbling with both hands, shooting off the catch and off the dribble, and  most importantly footwork appear throughout every single workout in the program.  Furthermore,  the programming is progressive and each week players will build on the skills that we worked on the previous week.  To do this effectively, players are encouraged to work on the skills developed daily during their week away using the drills that we highlight in the workouts.

Basketball Academy Feedback and Data Leads to Better Future Programming

The feedback thus far has been very positive with one parent commenting, “My son is attending the Fast Break Training Academy with Rich Stoner and he, along with all of the players are getting a professional level, elite education on the fundamentals of being an all-around skilled ball player.  Rich’s lessons are thorough and informative, helping every player, no matter their skill level.  Rich’s techniques will help your child step up to the next level and improve their game.”  Going forward we will begin measuring the success of the program with our Elite Basketball Training Score Sheet: Basketball Training Score Sheet. This score sheet is designed for the players of Fast Break to test certain fundamental skills on two separate occasions, once in the beginning and once at the end of the four weeks in order to measure improvement.  Furthermore, I will provide the players who attended with a survey asking the following three questions:

  1. How likely would you be to come to this program again: 1-10 (10 being most likely to attend)?
  2. Are you more confident about your basketball skills that you were four weeks ago?
  3. Do you enjoy the game of basketball more than you did four weeks ago?

The data accumulated from the score sheet and the survey will provide me, as their trainer, with information that I can use to adjust the program in the future weeks.

A More Enjoyable Basketball Academy Experience 

Board members, Dave Rychalsky and John Sacktig approached me over a year ago with a potential problem that they were experiencing with Fast Break, their recreational basketball league in East Brunswick.  The skill level among the players in the league was uneven and consequently, game play was often lopsided towards the team with the better players.  In order to fix this problem, we created the Elite Basketball Training Academy for Fast Break Basketball.  This will serve to develop fundamental skills for the basketball players who attend in order to make sure that each player can pass, dribble, and shoot when they catch the basketball. Feedback thus far has been positive and the progressive programming provided will be measured to provided tangible evidence on how to proceed with the skills developed in the workouts.  Overall, this program will serve to create a much more balanced recreational basketball league that will increase the level of play and make the game of basketball more enjoyable for all who participate.

Why a Basketball Training Academy for Recreational Basketball Leagues?

  • Players within the league vary in skill level.
  • Game play suffers as a result of unbalanced player skill level.
  • More Fundamentally Sound players increase the level of play.
  • The overall experience for parents, coaches, and players in the league is more fun.

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