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How To Evaluate Them

Our friends at Austin Basketball Camps and I discussed the questions we receive that parents ask us for our expert guidance.  The question of basketball camps often comes up and we created this resource for you.  Here are some of the criteria and talking points you should consider as you evaluate basketball camps.  Please view our free E-Book on how to evaluate basketball camps below at the end of the article.

 Basketball Camp Purpose

As a parent of an ambitious basketball player you have many New Jersey basketball camp choices.  What is the mission or purpose of the basketball camp as shared on their website.

Basketball Camp Security

We hate to even bring up this discussion… but you need to make sure your choices to spend time caring for your children have undergone stringent background checks including fingerprinting so aliases cannot be used.

Basketball Camp Director Background

Understand the background of the basketball camp director and their philosophy.  Once you have established expertise, figure out if they still have the passion necessary to inspire our young basketball campers.  Are they basketball trainers or just coaches who can’t really demonstrate skills at the highest level.  Demonstration matters.

Camp Fit

Different camps have different goals.  Some New Jersey basketball camps are for exposure, others are introductory in curriculum, while still others are focused on player development to really increase your skills.

Basketball Camp Value

Are basketball camps worth the money? Metuchen, Westfield, Red Bank and Edison Basketball camps can be expensive as an undertaking.  If learning new skills and increasing your basketball IQ are your focus, you may want to consider using your budget toward personalized basketball training and also on basketball strength and conditioning programs.  Read our article and take on whether kids are actually learning anything at basketball camps.

New Jersey Basketball Camp Alternatives

Online Training, aforementioned personalized training, basketball strength and conditioning focus would all help your game. Our Basketball Speed and Agility Training course would certainly help many basketball players ready to grow their impact next season and is a fraction of the cost of a camp.

How To Evaluate Basketball Camps:  Free E-Book Download

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