Basketball Supplements: Top Five For In-Season

Supplements for Basketball Players In Season

Supplements for Basketball Players & In-Season Health

With basketball season underway proper nutrition takes a back seat to excuses like, “I don’t have time to eat before practice,” or “I didn’t have dinner last night because I had a game.” These excuses are far too prevalent and an unfortunate reality for many basketball players.  Consequently, this lack of nourishment leads to weight loss, sluggish play, and illness.  All of these are a result of a body that in most cases is being overused and underfed.  While there is in no way a great replacement for three square meals a day filled with proteins, vegetables, and whole grains there are simple and more efficient solutions to combat these problems in the form of supplements.  With that in mind I have created for you a list of my top five supplements from Advocare for basketball players that are in-season.  It is important to note that Advocare in NCAA approved and banned substance free so these supplements below will not get you in any sort of trouble when testing for the NCAA.You can order your top five supplements today at: Advocare for Elite Basketball Training.

Top Five Supplements For Basketball Players In-Season

Advobar DB9: “Combining the crunch of almonds with the creamy, sweet taste of caramel, AdvoBar DB9 makes for a convenient protein-packed snack that will help keep you fueled and ready to tackle your day. AdvoCare teamed up with Drew Brees to formulate a bar that contains 12g of plant-based protein and 5g of fiber to help keep you satiated when you are on-the-go”  (Advocare website) This bar is the perfect solution for a quick after school snack before practice or something to eat on the bus going to games.

Spark Energy Drink: The long winter basketball season with late games and early Saturday morning practices can leave players feeling sluggish and tired.  Advocare’s Spark Energy Drink can solve this problem the healthy way.  “Spark enhances mental energy and focus, provides support for long-lasting energy, helps fight occasional drowsiness, and contains 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients” (Advocare website).  Spark is the ideal way to get pumped up and mentally focused for a game and/or that Saturday morning practice that you just don’t have the energy for.

Rehydrate Sports Drink: I know basketball players are huge sports drink fans, particularly Gatorade and Powerade and I’ve never quite understood why.  Neither are very effective and both contain substances that are not very good for you.  Rehydrate by Advocare however, is quite the opposite.  “It helps the body stay hydrated during physical activity, provides a full spectrum of crucial electrolytes for improved electrolyte balance, includes amino acids to help feed your muscles, fuels your body with carbohydrates for energy production and sustained muscle endurance, contains antioxidants to fight free radicals commonly produced during exercise, and helps prevent cramping during and after exercise,” (Advocare Website). Hmmmm…maybe Lebron should rethink his Gatorade sponsorship.  All in all Rehydrate is a much more effective and a healthier way to keep yourself hydrated during games and practices.

Post-Workout Recovery: I see it and hear it all the time, how sore players are from the rigors of practicing and playing games a total of six days a week and I get it.  Basketball is a demanding sport and that type of physical exercise can take its toll on your body.  Furthermore, because players are not eating as much as they should and exercising exetensively they tend to lose weight and size during the season. This soreness and lost muscle can become detrimental to their performance on the court.  For these reasons, a recovery shake is a necessity and Advocare’s Post-Workout Recovery is a great one.  “Post-Workout Recovery Sports Drink contains more than 30 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that support the muscles’ metabolic processes in recovery and helps minimize occasional soreness after workouts. It also helps enhance physical performance and endurance while supplying essential components for muscle repair and gain during and after physical activity” (advocare website). Ultimately, this will aid in your performance by minimizing soreness and maintaining muscle growth.

Omegaplex:  Let’s be honest, basketball, like any sport is a sure fire way to spread disease. Constant contact with teammates and opponents lead to the inevitable flu bug that can tear through a team leaving the players ailing and depleted.  The spread of disease can be catastrophic to a team’s success.  Omegaplex by Advocare can help prevent the spread of disease this season by promoting cardiovascular health, transporting nutrients through the body, and helping to maintain a healthy immune system (Advocare website).  For these reasons Omegaplex is crucial to maintaining your health and your team’s health this season.

Nutrition is Crucial to Your Success as a Basketball Player This Season

Basketball season is hear and players’ activity levels has been ramped up.  Practices, travel, and games take time out of an already busy player’s day.  Often times this leads to the old excuse, “I didn’t have time to eat,” which can be harmful to a player’s success on and off the court.  Players are often times tired, run down, and suffer from weight loss as a result of this demanding schedule. This can leave players feeling sluggish in school while causing them to underperform on the basketball court and potentially become injured or sick.  With that in mind, proper nutrition is essential and nothing can replace eating three square meals a day filled with lean proteins, healthy vegetables, and whole grain carbohydrates. Beyond three square meals a day, supplements are a great way to maintain your weight, boost energy levels, and prevent disease.  Advocare is a fantastic company that is NCAA approved an banned substance free.  Their line of supplements are top notch and the Advobar DB9, Spark, Rehydrate, Post Workout Recovery, and Omegaplex are my top five supplements that all basketball players should be using this winter in order to elevate their games this basketball season.


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Key Takeaways:

Proper nutrition is an integral part of a basketball player’s success on the court.

Three square meals cannot be replaced.

The meals should contain lean protein, healthy vegetables, and whole grain carbohydrates.

Supplements are a great way to maintain your weight, boost energy levels, and prevent disease.

Advocare’s supplements are NCAA approved and banned substance free.

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