Video of 3 Pro Dunkers teach YOU how to jump like them!

What a week!  ACC Champ Coach Adam Linkenauger’s “Instant Vertical” video received over 35,000 views in a day and a half…
…. players just like you commented that they jumped 3, 5, even 8+ inches higher after watching the video!!
Some even dunking for the first time ever!  Video 2 of Adam’s “instant Vertical” Video Series has just released, and man this is mindblowing vertical jump training…
… Adam breaks down a couple of the world’s highest jumping players for us… and shows exactly how they jump as high as they do!
… Man… It makes so much sense now!
It’s rare for a Coach to bring 2 VIDEOS in a row that are this valuable to a player’s game!  Don’t miss out
on this video!
Adam told me they are only going to be up a couple more days…
Here’s the link one more time:

Oh- and don’t miss the ending of Video 2, Adam shows you an easy way to win a Free Vertical Jump Program!
Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

This Free Video Instantly Helps People jump 5+ inches Higher

Don’t miss this!  My friend, ACC Champion Coach
Adam Linkenauger just released a video that has
helped hundreds of people jump higher already
in just the last 24 hours!
Players are going nuts over these “instant” vertical
Here’s the video:
–> Free Video Adds 3-6″ To Your Vertical
Players have been reporting adding 5+ inches to
their vertical leap instantly, and some even dunked
for the first time ever!
Watch this video now to add inches to your vertical
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–> Free Video Adds 3-6″ To Your Vertical

Elevate your game. Become ELITE.
Rich Stoner
USAW Sports Performance Coach
IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist
NCAA Approved College Planning Consultant
Elite Basketball Training, LLC

P.S.- I know Adam personally and can tell you he
knows his stuff!  He has a recorded 51″ vertical
and was the Powerade National Dunker of the
Year a couple years back!

Take a few minutes and watch this:
–> Free Video Adds 3-6″ To Your Vertical

D-1 Coach reveals how he makes players Instantly jump higher

My good friend, and ACC Champion Coach
Adam Linkenauger just sent me a video he
… In the video you’ll discover how you can instantly
jump inches higher by simply adjusting your
jump technique!
You can check out the video here:
This vertical leap is being seen by up to
one million athletes this week so make sure
to watch it now, before they do 😉

Talk to you tomorrow,


Elevate your game. Become ELITE.
Rich Stoner
USAW Sports Performance Coach
IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist
NCAA Approved College Planning Consultant
Elite Basketball Training, LLC

A Comparison You Need to Hear

Last week at school, we were discussing the notion of doing your best (a phrase I absolutely abhor due to its overuse and excuse-like quality) when one of my girls in the class brought up a very interesting comparison between the people inside a video game and real people.  I had posed the question, “how do you prepare yourself for doing your best?”, to which I received the usual responses of train hard, eat right, get enough sleep, etc.  As we delved deeper into the concept of training harder, we began to talk about a person’s desire to be the best to which this young lady made an interesting comparison.  She stated that a person can either have the drive to do it themselves or they can be like a character on a video game whose movements and actions are dictated by someone on the outside with a controller.  She continued on, saying that the player who has the motivation to do it themselves will be much more successful at what they are trying to accomplish than the person who has to be pushed an prodded by someone else.  In other words, a person needs to be intrinsically motivated to be successful.  They must want to get up each day and put in the work and have the discipline to train hard, train smart, and eat right.  These players do not need others to hover over them begging them to get the job done.  Unfortunately, most athletes do not fall into this category but rather the category of the video game character who needs the external motivation to make them work harder, the controller (so to speak) that dictates their every action and movement.

Think about this as you approach your basketball training this summer.  What are your plans to develop your basketball skills?  What are your plans to better your sports performance?  Remember, players are made in the off season, have you gotten out on your own or with the help of a trainer and begun to train for basketball or are you waiting for someone to pick up the controller and do it for you?

Let Elite Basketball Training help you train for basketball this summer.  Contact us now to book a clinic for your organization where I can personally develop and customize a basketball skill development and/or sports performance plan that suits the needs of your program.  And keep an eye out for Elite Basketball Training’s summer programs that will be posted in the coming weeks.  This year’s programs are specialized and include a Jump Shooting Progam featuring the Pro Shot System, Ball Handling and Attacking Skills, a Fundamental Skills Program, a General Skills Program with a 3 on 3 League, a Vertical Jump Program, and a Fundamentals of Fitness Program.  Elite Basketball Training is geared up to help you elevate your game and become ELITE so don’t miss out.

Is This the Type of Dedication That You Have?

As many of you know, I am the high school golf coach of one of the top teams in the state of New Jersey.  I am fortunate enough to have the pleasure of coaching two players who will be playing collegiate golf at the division 1 level and another who could as well if he so chooses to.  One of those three golfers happens to be the number one golfer in the state of New Jersey and is the defending Tournament of Champions winner from 2012 based on an incredible performance down at Hopewell Valley Country Club where he was one stroke short of the course record.  Being in season, I recalled a conversation I had with him about a year ago when I asked him to describe for me a typical day of practice for him (when he is not in school).  He went on to tell me that he starts pretty early in the morning working for about two hours on his short game and putting.  He then goes to the range to work for another prolonged period of time on hitting his irons and woods.  He would then take a break for lunch and go out to play a set number of holes.  When he was finished playing, he would come in and work on aspects of his game that were not up to par (pun intended) based on his play.  Then finally he would go back over to the putting green and spend another hour or so putting.  I, as well as my other players who were in ear shot were shocked and quite impressed with this practice routine.  I think we all knew that he worked pretty hard on his game but I do not believe for one second that anyone though he worked that hard, every single day that he does not have a tournament.  However, this is the drive and the dedication that it takes to be the best and I believe that one day, as long as he sticks with it, this player will be a pro.

So I obviously know that this is not a blog about golf but it is about providing you with the tools to elevate your game and become elite, and there is much to be learned from the story above.  Whether you are working on basketball skill development or developing your athleticism through sports performance training, it is imperative that you know that it takes serious work and the appropriate type of dedication to be the best.  Basketball skills can be developed, but it takes practice and time. Players cannot go out and shoot 100 jumpers once or twice a week and expect to be a marksman from behind the arc.  The players like Steph Curry (who just set the new league record for three pointers made in a season at 272) who are great jump shooters shoot hundreds of jump shots a day…even on game day.  Oh yeah, and they also work on their ball handling, passing, attacking and finishing moves each day as well.  That why they are great, they dedicate themeselves to consistently developing their game through practice and repetition.

Athleticism, despite what many believe, is also a skill that can be developed, but once again, it takes work.  Great players are in the weight room four to six days a week, depending on the time of year.  They are getting stronger, more explosive, quicker, more flexible each and every day…even on game day (Jordan always lifted on game day).  Again, this is the proper form of dedication that it takes to become great.

Nowadays, too many players are caught up in the whole concept of game play and being part of a team and in many cases, multiple teams and seeing this as the key part of their personal development as a player.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand the thought process of game play making players better and I can even understand playing on one team for that reason.  However, game play and multiple teams limits the time a player has to truly develop their game and become better.  A player’s days are filled with team practice, upon team practice, upon team practice where skill and athletic development are often left out and team play is the primary focus.  This is totally fine, if the player then goes home and works on his skills and athleticism on his own (like my golfer mentioned above).  Realistically though, this is not the case for a number of reasons one of which being time, but the other is that they consider their team practice part of their personal practice routine, and its just not.

I remember reading an article that mentioned how Brad Stevens, the coach of Butler’s mens’ basketball team, had a manager chart how many shots his best player took in the matter of a two hour practice.  The answer…30.  Yes, his best player only took 30 shots in a college team practice of one of the best teams in the country coached by one of the best coaches in the country.  Imagine how many shots the rest of the players on the team took during that same practice period.  Imagine how many shots, reps, etc, your son or daughter is getting in their practice that is not run by one of the best coaches in the country.  Probably not many and that’s not good.  In fact, that is the exact opposite of the story that this post began with on the proper form of dedication it takes to be great.  So with this in mind, I urge you to take that story to heart and rethink your practice strategy.  Success in basketball or any sport for that matter takes dedication but it is the dedication to consistently put in the repetitions necessary to be a great player.  The golfer from story knows this, he gets it and as a result will continue to be successful college and at the professional level.

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