Box Agility Drill Variation

A couple of months ago I wrote a post entitled Basketball Agility Training in which the focus was the significance of agility training for the game of basketball.  Basketball agility training is something that I incorporate into all my basketball workouts and basketball camps and clinics and it is recommended that you do the same.   

Recently a member of my site asked me for some more basketball agility drills that he could implement into a program for his own team.  The video below illustrates a variation of the original box agility drill that was included in the post that is linked in the first paragraph.  In this variation, instead of sprinting through the entire drill, the player is transitioning from sprint to slide back to a sprint and then finishing with a slide.  Combining movements in your agility drills is very important because of its relevance to basketball.  Basketball players are required to changed directions throughout the game, but it is not as simple as sprinting in a different direction.  Basketball players must also be able to change directions while changing movements.  This can include sprinting to sliding, sliding to sprinting, sliding to backpedalling, backpedalling to sprinting, etc.  It is important that basketball players work on all of these combinations and any others if they want to become more efficient in their movement on the basketball court.

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