But I Don’t Belong to a Gym…

I have spoken before about the myriad of excuses that basketball players come up with as to why they cannot lift or do some sort of strength training for basketball.  One of the biggest excuses is that they cannot afford a gym membership or that they cannot get to the gym, or something of that nature.  In my opinion, that is the lamest excuse of them all!

Basketball training does not need to be done in a fancy gym.  Many people have been strength training for years using nothing but their own body weight.  Have we come so far with all of the high-tech machines and colored weights that we have forgotten about simple yet HIGHLY EFFECTIVE  exercises like the pushup and pullup?

Last summer my basketball team and I abandoned the weight room and trained three days a week at the park using nothing more than our body weight and a few sandbags .   THE RESULTS WERE INCREDIBLE!  We did tons of pushups, pullups, and body squats.  Overhead presses and Olympic lifts with sandbags.  We mixed in some sprints for speed and conditioning and even jumped onto picnic tables for our plyometric training to ultimately create a very demanding workout.

Check out the video below for the workout I put the kids at a recent clinic I spoke at through.  We only did one round, but man were they sucking wind and we used nothing but our own body weight.

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