Can You Really Improve From a Week Long Basketball Camp?

Basketball Camp - Did Your Kids Learn Anything Last Year

Basketball Camp: What Did Your Kids Learn

In a few weeks kids will be out of school and they will be looking to be involved in some sort of summer basketball training in order to develop their basketball skills.  Traditionally, this type of skill development includes the week long basketball camp.  I can remember the days when I was young and attended these types of basketball camps.  For whatever reason, it always seemed to be the hottest weeks of the summer that I managed to pick to attend and let me tell you, it was brutal playing in a gym with no air conditioning or even worse, the black top that seemed to just absorb the heat.  Nonetheless, I went every year and it seemed to work at the time.  However, recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine who made me think otherwise.

Basketball Camp Theory Questioned By Professional Player

This friend who played professionally overseas and whose daughter is a pretty talented sixth grade basketball player posed the question of whether or not players can truly improve from a week long basketball camp.  Having run these week long camps for the last seven years, this question struck me as an odd one.  What did he mean, can you improve?  Of course you can…right?  He further pointed out that they are all the same: Free T-shirt,  the factory, stations in the morning, three on three, Hot Shot, Five on Five, Guest speaker, etc. you know the drill (no pun intended).  His overall point was that he was looking for something different that would ultimately help his daughter improve her basketball skills this summer, and as I thought about it more, it made sense.

Basketball Camps & Repetition

Basketball day camps are good, if used properly.  It is very difficult to truly improve over the course of one week and I believe that most people know this.  However, if you take the drills that are used at the camp and continue to use them all summer and fall, then you can absolutely improve.  Ultimately, this begs the question, do players who attend these day camps actually apply the drills they learn over a prolonged period of time?  The answer, I’m not really sure.  As a parent or a coach, ask yourself that, or ask your children that.  If I had to guess, I might lean toward the “NO” side, just based on trend.  When things are fresh, and newly introduced, people are excited about them and then they are used quite often.  However, after a week or so, these drills may become tired, old, and stale and so will the young player’s interest in doing them.  As a result, they will go back to practicing basketball the way they normally do, just shooting around in the driveway.  So this summer, in response to my friend’s demand for something new and different, I have created what I am calling the Summer Skills program.

New Jersey Basketball Camp Alternative

The Summer Skills Program is designed to replace your traditional day camp.  It consists of six skill development sessions that meet once a week throughout the entire summer.  The thought being that each week, the players can take the drills that they have used and learned in the skill development session and work on them throughout the week to improve.  Then when they return the following week, they will build on the previous week’s drills and be given new drills to develop and advance their skills with.  Ultimately, the drills stay fresh and the players will want to go out and work on them each week.  Doing so will lead to more improvement in their overall game over a longer period of time.

Go here now => Summer Skills for more information on the summer skills program or contact me directly for locations, days, and times.

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