Bodyweight Training for Youth Basketball Players

As a IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist I often find myself working with younger athletes, particularly basketball players, who have never worked with weights before and in many cases have not done any sort of athletic development training. Their inexperience combined with their young age, lack of physical development, and short attention spans pose an interesting challenge to training these athletes. Aside from the unique challenge, it is also a chance to get athletes at a young age and provide them with the fundamental building blocks of performance training, or build them from the ground up

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Three Questions to a Better Baller

With the new year well under way, many people have made their new year’s resolutions, began them, and in some cases done away with them already. It is a shame but it is also the reason that I no longer make new year’s resolutions. I came to realize long ago that, for whatever reason, they just do not work. In fact, by the end of January and early February the new year’s resolutions have been thrown out the window and most people are back to their regular self.

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The Fourth Key to Scoring: Creating Separation

Now it is time to create separation between you and your defender. This can be done either out of the triple threat or off the dribble. However, either way it requires the offensive player to get the defender to lean one way so that he can go the other. This is accomplished with a number of moves and counter moves, but ultimately comes down a few common characteristics: living low, footwork, initiating contact, and actually separating.

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The Third Key to Scoring: Reading the Defense

Reading the defense is something that great players do at all times on the basketball court. It is a key component to what makes them great because it makes them a more efficient player. This efficiency enables them to be a better scorer because, ultimately, they are not taking bad, and contested shots. They are taking open shots and open shots tend to go in more often, just ask the Golden State Warriors.

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The Second Key to Scoring: Moving Without the Ball

It is one thing to be able to shoot the basketball well, but players must be able to get open in order to get their shot off. Getting open requires basketball players to move without the basketball. This can be accomplished more effectively by using distinct changes of speed and direction and also mastering a variety of cuts based on how the defense it playing you.

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