Circle the Cone Basketball Agility Drill

Training for speed and agility is a main part of my basketball training philosophy at Elite Basketball Training.  It is so important for basketball players to be able to change directions quickly during a game and this is a skil that needs to be practiced.  Below is a video of another great basketball speed and agility drill. 

In this video from Elite Basketball Training, the player is running through the Circle the Cone Agility Drill.  The player will be running diagonally at each cone then around the cone and on to the next one.  The key to being successful in this basketball agility drill is to really stay low and balanced in the cones.  This will allow you to accelerate out of the cone and on to the next one.  As always, this drill is also done with the basketball to make it even more functional to the game.  By adding the basketball, the player is learning how to transition into different directions while maintaining their balance and handling the basketball. 

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