Clark Basketball Training In New Jersey

Clark Basketball Training

Clark Basketball Training

Elite Basketball Training is quickly becoming the number one basketball training program in the state of New Jersey because of their thorough approach to basketball training.  Their basketball training programs include basketball skill development, sports performance training, nutrition advice, and college planning services ensuring that the basketball players who train with us have all of their bases covered.  If you are the parent of a basketball player in Clark, NJ who is looking to improve their son or daughter’s game then look no further for your Clark basketball training.  Elite Basketball Training is your Clark basketball training source and it is conveniently located only a short 10 minute ride away in Edison, NJ.  Rich Stoner, your Clark basketball trainer, has developed a systematized approach to basketball training which has produced proven results for basketball players, from youth to the professional levels and is available to help Clark basketball players do the same.

Clark Basketball Training: What to Expect

Elite Basketball Training offers year round basketball training including programs for basketball skill development, sports performance training for basketball, nutrition advice and supplements from Advocare, and college planning services from College Select.  Beyond these four components, Rich Stoner, your Clark basketball trainer is extremely passionate your Clark basketball training and is committed to your success as a basketball player.  Elite Basketball Training’s year round and seasonal programs include both group and personal training.  A sample personal skill development workout for Clark basketball players may look something like the following:

  1. Dynamic Warm up with the basketball
  2. Hand Quickness: Dowel Drop Crossovers 2 x 10 each direction
  3. 2 Ball Commandos
    1. crossovers, between legs, and behind backs
    2. 30 Seconds each
  4. Anchor Foot Finishing Series
    1. Iverson
    2. Single Pivot Counter
    3. Double Pivot Counter
  5. Full Court Multi-Change of Direction Drill
    1. moves: between legs; inside out between legs; crossover/between legs; behind the backs
    2. Use finishing moves from #4
  6. Form Shooting Series
    1. Dip Drill x 20 makes
    2. Hurdle Hop Drill 5/7 makes
    3. Triangle Shooting 2 minutes max makes
  7. Valparaiso Shooting
    1. Focus on transition footwork, pop out footwork, and curl footwork
    2. Use Kobe Series 2 moves

Clark Basketball Strength Training

At Elite Basketball Training, we know that the complete basketball player not only develops their basketball skills, but also includes sports performance training in their basketball workouts and takes their nutrition seriously.   If you want to be a complete basketball player, then your Clark basketball training needs to include sports performance training and nutrition advice provided by USAW and IYCA certified trainer, Rich Stoner.  Rich Stoner has designed and implemented hundreds of sports performance training programs for basketball players and teams in his decade plus time as a trainer and as a former head coach, his basketball team, who trained under his programming was widely regarded as one of the most well conditioned teams in their area.  Rich is most recognized in Edison basketball training circles as well as nationally. Once again, a thorough approach is the key to a successful sports performance training program.  Each Clark basketball training sports performance workout includes the following:

  • a proper warm up
  • ankle, shoulder, and hip mobility for injury prevention
  • glute and core activation
  • Power development
  • Strength work
  • Conditioning or speed and agility work
  • Cool Down and Stretching

Beyond a well designed sports performance training program, proper nutrition is a fundamental key to your success as a Clark basketball player.  Elite Basketball Training offers nutrition advice to all of their basketball players as well as a full line of NCAA approved supplements from Advocare.

Get Started Today With Your Clark Basketball Training

Don’t waste any more time. Contact Rich Stoner today and begin to develop into the basketball player of your dreams with Elite Basketball Training’s thorough approach to your Clark basketball training.  Your Clark basketball trainer, Rich Stoner, can be reached at or 732-239-0338 and is ready to point you in the direction of the best Clark basketball training program for you.  

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