Create, Plan, and Monitor Your Progress This Summer

Basketball Training With a Purpose

At Elite Basketball Training in New Jersey we believe that basketball players are made in the off season. Sure, players can improve during the regular season but it is actually quite difficult. In fact, it takes 100 jumpers per day, six days a week just to maintain your jump shot and 300 jumpers, six days a week to see some improvement. As yourself, are you getting that many jump shots up a day during your high school or AAU season. Probably not, because with your practices, games, and tournaments, you just don’t have the time. Summer is different though, summer provides players with more time…time to improve their game. With all this newfound time coming your way in a couple of weeks, we wanted to make sure that you are training with a purpose this summer. Follow this three step process and you are guaranteed to show improvement in your basketball skills and athleticism this summer.

Three Steps To Successful Summer Basketball Training

  1. Evaluate your overall game and create a list of what you need to improve upon this summer. Self-evaluate and come up with what you think you need to improve, then enlist the help of your parents and coaches. Getting their opinions as well will give you a well-rounded perspective on your game and help you create a more thorough list.
  2. Once your list is created, you need to develop a plan of attack. Improvement doesn’t happen by accident, it takes work and that work will be much more organized and efficient if you plan for it. Your plan should include drills that you will use to improve skills, a strength training program, game play, etc. Write down when you will do each and how much of each. Don’t leave out details. Writing down your plan will hold you accountable. Leaving out details WILL give you a reason to slack.
  3. Now that you have a training plan, get to it. Start training now, and while doing so, be sure to monitor your progress. I have spoken many times on this blog about keeping records of your reps, makes, weights, etc. This can be done the old fashioned way with a pencil and notebook, through apps designed for monitoring progress, or even using the Wilson X Basketball. Having a daily records will push you to compete every day, to advance beyond the record from the previous workout. This type of accountability is a must in order to improve your basketball game.

Summer is the time to elevate your game and become elite. Get to it. Make your list now and begin to develop your plan. You’ll have more time to train when school lets out in a week or two. As long as you have everything in place by then, you can hit the ground running and take the necessary steps to improving as a basketball this summer.

Live in New Jersey and want help with your basketball training this summer? Elite Basketball Training has a variety of basketball skill development programs available to you at two locations, Red Bank and Edison. Find out more at Elite Basketball Training or contact me personally today.

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