Do You Work on Form?

Prioritze Basketball Training for Form

Form is of the utmost importance whether it is for shooting, finishing, passing or dribbling. Simply stated, the better your form the better you will be at all of those skills. For this reason, I always build segments into our basketball skill development workouts where the players strictly work on their form. These are portions of their training where form is of the utmost priority and every repetition needs to be done a specific way every repetition, every time. I also base this portion of their basketball training on a prescribed number of makes. By forcing them to execute a skill in a certain way and guarantee makes, it will insure that the basketball player maintains a certain degree of focus throughout the entire time period. This type of form training also leans toward going at a much slower pace, say 50% of your game speed in order to concentrate on the form and earn your successful reps.

Tips for Incorporating Form Into Basketball Workouts

  1. Designate the beginning portion of each skill to form work.
  2. Train at 50% of your game speed.
  3. Execute every repetition perfectly every time so that you can build muscle memory.
  4. When mistakes are made, correct them immediately


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