Elite Basketball Bootcamp


Put your body and skills to the test while attending the Elite Basketball Bootcamp.   This course is designed to increase your strength, speed, agility, stamina, and explosive power by challenging your body like you have never done before.  Alternative training techniques combined with basketball specific speed and agility drills will make this type of workout both effective and fun.  And new for 2011, a third training session with a basketball skill development focus.  This new skill development component adds innovative and competitive drills that when combined with the sports performance workout are guaranteed to get you results both on and off the court!

The Elite Basketball Bootcamp runs Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with the skill development session on Saturday mornings, and is located within the newly renovated New Jersey Sports Academy in Edison, NJ. 

Register by clicking here ==> Elite Basketball Bootcamp  

Interested in bringing the Elite Basketball Bootcamp to your area or running a bootcamp that can serve as a fundraiser for your basketball program?  Please contact Rich Stoner at or 732-239-0338.

Watch footage from the summer of 2009’s ELITE BASKETBALL BOOTCAMP and see what people are saying in the videos below:

 Or Register by clicking Here==> Elite Basketball Bootcamp

Dallas Ouanu
Villanova University

David McDaniel
Elms College

Stephen Fortuna
Metuchen High School

Don’t miss this opportunity to get yourself into the best basketball shape of your life while taking your basketball skills to the next level by registering here: Elite Basketball Bootcamp

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  2. Rich says:

    Definitely not, I will be putting up frequent posts throughout the summer on the boot camp.

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