Five Basketball Jump Shooting Tips

I have to thank Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors for making jump shooting relevant again. There was a period of time prior to their resurgence that many players and coaches seemed to have forgotten about the importance of jump shooting and where it fit into the game of basketball. Clouded by the glitz and the glam of the dunk the jump shot became overlooked. Young players favored NBA guys who could posterize their opponents with air defying slams rather than those who could light it up from deep. The times they are a changing though and that is all thanks to players like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant who can shoot the basketball. 

In their efforts to shoot like these guys, youth basketball players are working more on their jump shot than ever. This can and should be a good thing, but it does have its detriments. Practicing your jump shot is obviously a positive. However, practicing your jump shot with incorrect form from ranges that you cannot shoot from is a negative. Doing so will only build bad habits and make you a worse jump shooter. I have always maintained that jump shooting is about learning to shoot the ball correctly and then shooting the ball correctly a lot. So with that in mind, I decided to give a list of my top five jump shooting tips. 

  1. Shoot the ball straight. There is no replacement for shooting the basketball straight and our Elite Shooting System addresses this with three components: release the ball off your middle and index finger, keep your guide hand in tight on the finish and align your shooting shoulder and shooting hip with your target. 
  2. Use your body efficiently. The body is like a machine. Machines work significantly better when the parts are all working together in a certain way. For your jump shot, your hips and shoulders need to work together to produce an effortless jump shot. 
  3. Dip the ball. In order to add rhythm and power to your jump shot, dip the ball slightly on the catch doing so will get you into your shooting motion and NO it will not slow down your jumper. Just look at the previously mentioned players, they all do it.
  4. Incorporate forward momentum. Do not wait for the ball to come to you. Step or hop towards the ball. Doing so will put you in rhythm to shoot the ball and also add and element of quickness to your jump shot.
  5. Warm up progressively. Too many players walk on to the court and begin by shooting from 20 feet away. Instead start your warm up close to the rim, maybe three or four feet away. Make a prescribed number of shots from that distance and then slowly progress backwards. At every Elite Basketball Training session my players must make a total of 80 shots from no further than the foul line before beginning their live game shooting drills. This gives them the opportunity to groove their form and get into a flow.

If you are interested in learning more about these five jump shooting tips and our Elite Shooting System, contact me today or visit the Elite Basketball Training page for details. 

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  1. Terry Birdsell says:

    Great stuff. I have a 12 year old AAU daughter who is going through the motions of changing her shot.

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