Frequently Asked Metabolism Questions

I can’t wait!!! It’s almost here, it’s almost here!

Yes, this Monday my partners over at Prograde Nutrition release their highly anticipated new product – Metabolism.

I just received this latest update that covers all Metabolism FAQs. I’ve got their permission to share it with you verbatim. It’s again from

Prograde’s Director of R & D for Prograde Nutrition, Jayson Hunter. 

I’ll let you know as soon as Metabolism goes on sale Monday around noon EST.

AND they’ve got another surprise up their sleeve that you’re REALLY going to love. Stay tuned!



Monday is almost here! Just a couple days before the super anticipated launch of Prograde Metabolism.


Here’s an insider look at what’s going on right now:


All of Metabolism’s ingredients are carefully blended together using airtight stainless steel equipment. Prior to blending they’re stored in double-lined, fibrous drums in a room that is strictly monitored for both temperature and humidity. Once the drums are opened, blending takes place quickly, after which the resulting mixture is restored in the drums to help keep its precious team of ingredients fresh and ready for metabolic action before being placed in the consumer package that ends up in your hand.


Pretty cool, huh? 😉


We’ve been getting a ton of questions about Metabolism, so we’ve posted  an entire FAQ for you to help you decide if Prograde Metabolism is right for you. All the answers to your questions conveniently answered them all in one place.


Remember, we were desperately trying to have Prograde Metabolism in time for our third birthday, which was April 17th. Alas, it did not happen. And we can still only get our hands on a limited amount of the ingredients for our proprietary blend.


In other words, we have limited supplies of Metabolism coming into stock, so be sure to order yours right away. There’s a VERY good chance with all the positive feedback and anticipation we’ve been seeing that we will run out very quickly!


See you on the court,

 Rich Stoner

Elite Basketball Training, LLC

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