Game Shots at Game Spots at Game Speed

The title of this post says it all.  Too many times, basketball players go out and work on their jump shot and the work out does not consist of anything more than bouncing the ball a few times, firing up a shot from NBA range, getting the rebound, and repeating the process over and over again.  This does not in any way produce a good jump shooter and will improve the players jump shot only slightly more than if they stayed on the couch and played NBA Live.  Basketball players need to take game shots at game spots at game speed.  They need to run themselves through drills that will get them shots off the catch or off the dribble.  Doing so will create a basketball player that is more versatile than one that can only shoot the basketball off the catch.  Players must also work on shooting at spots that they usually shoot from during the game.  Do not go out and shoot the ball from NBA three point range if you are not even a three point shooter at the high school level.  Shoot the basketball from a distance that allows you to keep good form because if you are straining yourself to shoot further from the basket that you actually can, you can ruin your jump shot by creating bad habits.  Finally, these shots need to come at game speed.  Shooting the basketball at half speed can produce more bad habits and it makes it difficult to shoot the basketball during the game when the pace is much quicker.  Practicing this way will make for a much better jump shooter.  The following video is a  prime example of a drill that gets the basketball player game shots at game spots at game speed.  The shooting drill is called  Corner, Wing, Elbow Jumpers.       During the drill, the basketball player will shoot jumpers from each corner, then each wing, then finally each elbow while touching the opposite sideline after each jump shot them stepping into the next jumper.  It is recommended that the player complete this drill for a set number of made shots.  For example the player will continue to run through the drill until they have made 10 jumpers.  Doing so will force the player to shoot while they are tired consequently making the drill more game like.

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