Get a Piece of the Paint

Why Driving The Basketball is Important

With the return of the Elite Ball Handling and Finishing program coming this summer, I will continue to discuss some of the key points that will be covered over the course of this six week program. As I stated in my previous blog post, Two Foot Finishes, this program will focus on attacking the basket and finishing at the rim. As a former successful head basketball coach at the high school level, our offense was based on attacking the defense off the dribble. We ran variations of the dribble drive as well as a spread pick and roll offense. As a team, we shot the ball fairly well from the perimeter, but our goal was to get the the rim first and free throw line second. Driving the basketball effectively puts a ton of pressure on the defense. It forces the team to help and recover, often leaving them scrambling to closeouts and leaving you with open shots or drives. Attacking the rim and the defense vertically (rather than horizontally) also puts individual players on their heels forcing them to guard the basketball well or foul.

Driving the Basketball Puts Pressure on the Defense

Simply stated, attacking your opponent off the dribble vertically will put pressure on the defense and give you advantages on offense. To do so correctly, you must get a piece of the paint on each drive. This will insure that you are forcing the defense to retreat, collapse, and help. Getting piece of the paint requires you to drive into the areas that Ganon Baker refers to as kill boxes. These kill boxes are at the following locations:

  1. Both Elbows
  2. The Low Block on both sides
  3. The Midline – the area in the center of the lane that runs from the rim to the dotted line

Attacking the “Kill Boxes” on the Basketball Court

Driving into these “kill boxes” and getting a piece of the paint force creates a retreating and collapsing defense while leaving you with more open shots. Learn how to be this type of driving player this summer at the Elite Ball Handling and Finishing program, available for registration today at

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