Individual Basketball Skill Development

We are currently in an era of high exposure basketball.  AAU basketball tournaments and college recruiting showcase events have become the norm.  As a result, basketball skills training has become a lost art. This is inexcusable, because in order to become a complete basketball player, skill development must be a priority.  To develop a consistent jump shot and effective ball handling it takes repetition and that type of repetition just cannot be achieved in games alone.  Think about, if you shot the ball 200-500 times in a game (an unrealistic notion to begin with) or just kept dribbling the ball around and working on your own moves, your teammates might get a little angry with you.  Therefore, it is necessary to find a mix of both skill development and game play in order to become the complete player you are aspiring to be.

My Elite Basketball Training sessions have served to develop the skills of  many local basketball players of all ages.  These basketball training sessions usually last an hour and are taylor made to suit the individual’s basketball needs.  They consist of basketball skill work but can also include strength, conditioning, speed, and agility; or a combination of all of these aspects of the game.  These sessions are designed to be technical in nature but are also  an intense workout that is often times more difficult than the basketball games themselves. 

It is also possible to run these basketball training sessions as a small group workout.  This is a great opportunity to train with several like-minded motivated individuals who are seeking the same basketball goals.  In this setting the players work together on their skills but also serve as a source of motivation for each other to reach their potential. 

Here is what people are saying about Elite Basketball Training’s individual basketball workouts:

Cassie Smith

Battle  Knights Traveling Basketball Team

Edgar Middle School Basketball Team

 My 13 year old daughter, Cassie, has worked with Rich since she was 8.  She’s been to his basketball clinics at Edgar School, and worked with him privately to develop her skills.  She always seems pumped up after a session with Rich, and enthusiastic to get to the next one.  Rich is great with the kids; he offers technical insights, and progressive athletic challenges.  He has an uncanny way of motivating an athlete, and always seems to communicate his expectations for hard work and improvement in a manner that wins the respect of his students.


Ryan Josell

Age 10 Battle Basketball 11U 

Ryan has been training with Elite Basketball since the age of 7.  He first attended Elite Basketball Camp in Metuchen as a third grader and looks forward to camp each summer.  He also trains individually with Coach Rich throughout the year.  Elite Basketball Training has always provided a high level of skill and fitness training, helping Ryan improve both his skills and athleticism.  Rich provides a fun, positive, and energetic environment for the kids to train in.  Regardless of how demanding the workout is, Ryan always comes home with a smile on his face asking, “when can I work out with Coach Rich again?” Rich is a terrific motivator, a great teacher of the game, and has been a great coach and inspiration to Ryan.

Frankie McGuire

Edgar Middle School Basketball, Metuchen

Frankie has been attending Rich Stoner’s basketball camps for several years and has also participated in individual skills training sessions with Rich.  Frankie has benefited greatly from Rich’s expertise in skills training and his innovative approaches to training and coaching.  Rich is a great motivator and uses a clever, relevant and even humorous demeanor to deliver his skills training techniques to his players.  As a result of his improved skills, Frankie is having more fun now playing the game of basketball and has experienced more confidence and satisfaction in his game. Thanks to Rich, Frankie has learned skills and strategies that he can continue to utilize and improve upon while playing in competitive youth basketball leagues.



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