International Concepts on Basketball

The game of basketball has grown exponentially on a world wide scale over the last two decades. As a result, the imternational players and teams have become more and more successful each year.  These teams have developed some very distinct basketball concepts that are worth pointing out and could lead to your success this coming basketball season. 

While at the Garden State Coaches Clinic this fall, I had the opportunity to hear Fran Fraschilla speak.  Since he has just returned from the world basketball championship, he provided the basketball coaches there with some concepts that the internation basketball teams successfully applied to their game.  These concepts may seem simple, but if you operate on the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy they should lead to success for you and your basketball team.

Fran Fraschilla’s four key international basketball concepts include:

  1. Run the ball into the offense.
  2. Create flow early in the offense.
  3. The ball moves faster than the defense.
  4. Spread the floor: This forces the defense into log closeouts.  If you spread the floor, the ball will find you.

Like I said, these points seem simple, but honestly assess your team and determine whether or not your team has been successful in each one of these areas in years past.  If not, make it a priority to give them a try and it could add to your success.

See you on the court.

Rich Stoner

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