It was Intense and Fun

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped produce last Friday night’s Coaches Choice, USA and Elite Basketball Training basketball clinic in East Brunswick.  Thank you to James Thomas for coming down and being a special guest speaker, and thank you to Tom Sclafani for helping to put on the event.

The atmosphere that night was Intense and most importantly, FUN!

There was a natural progression from one skill to the next that allowed us to cover so many topics in the two and half hour clinic.  We even went a little bit over in order to get in our finishing body weight blast!  That was crazy!

I was fortunate enough to capture some excellent photos of the event that can be viewed on the Elite Basketball Training Flickr Page.   And there will be great video footage of the event coming very soon. 

Once again, thank you to everyone that was involved in the Coaches Choice, USA and Elite Basketball Training basketball clinic.  For more information on Elite Basketball Training’s camps, clinics, and training go to the Training and Clinics page, and be sure to follow me on Twitter and join us on Facebook as the Elite Basketball Training community continues to grow.

See you on the court.

Rich Stoner

Elite Basketball Training, LLC

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