It’s All Part of the Culture.

2013 is a new year at Elite Basketball Training and I don’t mean in the literal sense that 2012 ended and 2013 is here.  I mean that things are really starting to progress in the direction that I want them to.  The players that train with me both at my skill development workouts and sports performance workouts have become really focused on elevating themselves and becoming ELITE.  Their energy has been great, rivaling my caffeine induced levels and their work ethic has been nothing short of fantastic.  This has resulted in competitively intense and fun workouts on a daily basis.  Yes, it’s a new year at Elite Basketball Training and the culture that I have worked so hard to develop has really begun to take shape and has elevated our workouts to new heights and our players skills and athleticism are better for it. 

Growing up and being an average player that was cut from my middle school basketball team for two straight years, I learned through failure, but ultimately became a better basketball player as a result.  When you experience lows like this at a young age, there are really only two choices to make:

  1. Give up.
  2. Work harder and persevere.

I chose to work harder and in the end persevered.  This period of my life changed me and motivated me to be better and not only basketball, but also life.  This is the message that I bring to every single sports performance and skill workout I run.  It is has also become an integral part of the culture that is taking root and growing in front of my very eyes at Elite Basketball Training.  It is a culture based on motivation, heart, work ethic, commitment, accountability.  Basketball players who have always worked hard are now working harder than ever.  Even better than this is that everyone in the gym is holding each other accountable for their actions.  Players are praised for their effort thereby creating the demand to work harder without the need to hover.  This level of accountability has elevated the workouts and players’ games to a new level.  It has created better workouts and better players.  It has created a culture of excellence where players elevate their game and become ELITE.  Check out the video below to see what I mean.

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