Kettlebell Training For Basketball Players

The Advantages of Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells are a weighted ball with a handle on one side rather than on both sides of the handle as is the case with a dumbbell.  The kettlebell’s design provides several advantages for training athletes allowing them to perform more ballistic (power developing), whole body, and multi-joint exercises.  These type of exercises, which include cleans and snatches, are vital to sports, particularly basketball which requires the use of the entire body and where powerful athletes tend to be superior to those who are not  The kettlebell also has the ability to develop an athlete’s strength while increasing their cardiovascular capacity.  This is due to  the design and shape of the kettlebell which keeps the hands and wrists in a more natural position.  This position gives the athlete the facility to complete exercises for high repetitions thereby  increasing their overall conditioning.  The shape of the kettlebell is also such that more muscles are used to balance the kettlebell.  This is a result of the whole body, real-life, functional movements that can be performed with kettlebells and ultimately it produces more results in less time.  This notion alone make kettlebells one of the most efficient training implements available in today’s market.

Kettlebell Training for Basketball Players

The efficiency of kettlebells as a training tool is one of the main reasons that they are an incredible tool to use when training basketball players.  In the fast paced, tournament driven world of basketball, time is of the essence.  As a matter of fact, “I don’t have time to lift,” is the number one excuse I get from players for not lifting.  However, the efficiency of the kettlebell as a training implement can solve this because it allows a basketball player to achieve a full body workout and develop strength, power, and stamina in a short period of time.  Beyond this, the very nature of kettlebell training increases size along with developing a body that is long, lean, and functional…all essentials for any basketball player.  Kettlebells are also a multi-planar piece of equipment meaning that they work through all planes of movement.  Kettlebells are not restricted to the sagittal plane like machines which promote one dimensional movement patterns.  Multi-planar training is far more conducive to basketball which requires the body to function freely on the court and not be confined to a restricted area.

Kettlebells Develop Power and Strength for Basketball

Kettlebells are the ultimate piece of training equipment for a basketball player. It has already been stated that they can be used in whole body exercises but also to isolate muscles on the body.  They can be used for max strength exercise with a controlled, deliberate movement as is the case with a strict press or in the case of the kettlebell snatch to train for more explosiveness.  Basketball is a sport that puts great demands on the body and basketball players need to have strength and power. They also tend to have deficiencies in particular areas of their body due to excessive game play and not enough training.  Finally, a demanding practice and game schedule that often times requires an extensive amount of travel leaves little time to be in the weight room. Consequently, the versatility of the kettlebell as a performance training implement and the ease at which you can travel with one in the trunk of your car makes it the ideal training tool for today’s basketball player.

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