Kevin Durant’s Scoring Ability

Kevin Durant adds a new dimension to Golden State

Kevin Durant has thrust himself to the top of the basketball conversation world with his somewhat controversial move to the Golden State Warriors this summer. Personally, I don’t begrudge him at all for making this choice. Let’s be honest, it you’re an NBA superstar and are going to sign with a different team, other than your own, doesn’t it make sense to go to the one that gives you the best chance at winning a title. As much as I wanted Durant to go to Boston and provide some much needed balance in the Eastern Conference, the smart choice (based on this logic) was Golden State. On the other side of the equation, I understand the venom being spewed Durant’s way for this Lebronesque decision but at least he didn’t host a special on ESPN and call it “The Decision.” Either way, there is no doubt the Durant is an all time great and quite possibly the most dynamically skilled player in the league. There is not other player that possesses his ability to shoot, dribble, attack, and finish all at a height nearing 7 feet. His height and skill will most certainly add a unique dimension to an already stacked scoring machine that is the Golden State Warriors and you can make the case that teams, like Cleveland, will not be able to be as physical with them not that they added this new dimension of skills and size.

Kevin Durant’s Jump Shot Technique

Kevin Durant’s skills make him such a unique scoring option for a player of his size and is predicated by his fantastic jump shot. His ability to shoot, although not at the level of Steph Curry (but then again, who is) is one of the tops in the league. Take notice of it this summer at the Rio Olympics and how he shoots using similar tendencies to the Elite Shooting System that we teach at Elite Basketball Training. His body is turned to align his shooting hip and shooting shoulder with the rim. This also helps to relax the shoulders, producing a tension free shot that is further enhanced by his use of the hop to add quickness to his release. Beyond all of this, Durant smoothly dips the ball prior to releasing it for added rhythm and power all creating the most biomechanically efficient shot you can have.

Kevin Durant’s Driving and Finishing Skills

Durant’s driving and finishing ability are enhanced by his jump shooting skills. Having a great jump shot, forces the defense to play up on Durant which makes him quicker and tougher to guard when he puts the ball on the floor. This ultimately, stretches the defense and forces them to help more frequently than they would normally. Further more, Durant’s athleticism is such that he can go from 6’11” to 6’4″ in a split second. Imagine trying to guard someone like that. It’s darn near impossible! And, oh by the way, he can finish with a variety of finishes that includes dunking right on you, either way you’re in trouble.

Elite Basketball Training Based on the Durant’s versatility

Kevin Durant is a rare combination of basketball skills and size. He is also someone who I pattern my basketball training after at Elite Basketball Training. Our basketball skill development here in New Jersey is about training players to be versatile. I maintain that all basketball players should posses the ability to pass, dribble, shoot, and finish in multiple ways, just like Durant. This will ultimately give you more options when your are on the court, making you a multi-threat player and highly difficult to guard.

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