Kevin Eastman’s Five Musts in Skill Development

The following list is a list of what Boston Celtics assistant and world reknowned skill development coach Kevin Eastman feels are the five must haves when developing your basketball skills.

  1. Hard dribble.  If we know you have a soft dribble, we will trap you and force turnovers.  (Add pound dribbles to your drills)
  2. Get your shoulders to their hips on dribble penetration.  “It’s a shoulders game.”
  3. Play low to high.
  4. Be ready on the catch.  After the catch is too late.
  5. Moves to master:

Guards: Catch and shoot, Catch and shoot off the dribble, and Catch and quick penetration.

Bigs: Jump hook, drop step and dribble drop step, up and under, quick spin, perpendicular post (turn and face).

It is highly important that when developing basketball skills, players and coaches include these must haves in their workouts.  These are fundamental skills but as always, it is the mastery of the fundamentals that make great players.

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