Make Goal Setting Your Goal

With each new basketball training client I always do a pre-workout evaluation.  This basketball training evaluation is designed to tell me and the athlete where they stand athletically and what skill set they are at.  This evaluation consists of athletic and basketball skills tests but also questions designed to get answers of how motivated these basketball players are.  One of the most important questions that is asked of the players and the parents is what their goals are for the basketball training they are about to take on and what their ultimate goal is for their sport. 

Although the goal setting question is the most important question asked of my players  it often tends to stump them.  Not that they are confused by the question, but it is not something that they have ever REALLY thought about.  Sure they practice, train, and play almost daily but, for what?  Without goals, these players are wandering aimlessly down a path with no end.  If they have thought about their goals, it was at some point in the past and they have often lost focus on how to achieve them.  This is  as bad as not having goals at all.   

The following video is from a speech that I gave at a basketball skills and drills clinic at the Newark YMCA.  The audience consisted of a wide variety of ages and this speech had the crowd shaking their heads with an authoritative, “YES I AGREE” when I finished.  This video can help put goal setting into perspective and give you a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish goal setting.  Once you have set your goals, you will find that achieving them will be significantly easier.

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