Take A Sand

By Steven Mazzucchi
It’s July. The sun is shining. The gym is stuffy. Why not get outside with a killer full-body workout? And while you’re daydreaming of the beach, why not incorporate some sand?

Earlier this year, we introduced you to the idea of creating your own sandbag to use as an occasional alternative to barbells. (Here’s a reminder: Pour 50 to 100 pounds of sand or peat gravel into a contractor-grade plastic bag, duct-tape it, put it in another bag, duct-tape again, and put that in a big duffle bag.) As the sand shifts inside the bag, it requires the body to work harder to stabilize itself — a feeling you’ll remember if you think back to when you first learned how to handle free weights.   Read More


Why Should I Eat Healthy?
If you were to talk to the athletes on your team, you’d find that most of them want to increase lean muscle mass, strength and speed while decreasing body fat. Then, if you were to ask them what steps they are taking to reach these goals, a majority of them would say they are lifting weights and performing speed training. Unfortunately, few are taking the necessary nutritional steps to reach their goals.

The Missing Link Many athletes are unaware that the missing link in developing a muscular, athletic physique is proper nutrition.  Read More


Recruiting service aids athletes and parents alike  

In case you haven’t heard, Metuchen might just be one of the best-kept secrets in the high school basketball world. In the not too distant past, Jayson Williams, a graduate of St. Joseph, was the high school basketball player of the year before leading Duke University to the national championship in 2001. Fellow St. Joseph alumnus Andrew Bynum won his second NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers this spring, and Metuchen High graduate Marqus Blakely inked a contract with the Los Angeles Clippers earlier this month after a stellar career at University of Vermont.While St. Joe’s has always been a desirable post for high school basketball coaches, the less prestigious post at Metuchen has been held by one of the brightest minds in local hoops, Rich Stoner. Stoner has taken his talents and dedication to young athletes into the recruiting arena to form Highlight Reel of Central Jersey, a recruiting service for student athletes in all sports.  Read More


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