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As the former head boys basketball coach at Metuchen High School we experienced a ton of success winning over 100 games in seven years with two state finals appearances and one county finals appearance.  In that time one of my teams went 22-3 and had the highest winning percentage of any team in Metuchen High School history and I went on to compile the second highest win total and highest winning percentage of any boys basketball coach in Metuchen School History.  While there, our teams were consistently ranked as one of the highest scoring teams in the county and group one.  I attribute most of this offensive success to our focus on skill development each and every practice.  Having an philosophy that centered around every player being a threat on the court and having the ability to dribble, pass, and shoot made our teams versatile, dangerous, and very difficult to defend.  It posed matchup problems for other teams whose bigs had difficulty coming out to the perimeter or in some cases the full court to defend our multi-skilled players. Now retired from high school coaching and working full time as a Metuchen basketball trainer, this philosophy has carried over into my company, Elite Basketball Training.  Elite Basketball Training ensures that Metuchen basketball players are getting the most thorough basketball training experience in New Jersey.  Just like those who train with us that have developed into well rounded basketball players, Elite Basketball Training is a multifaceted company that provides basketball skill development, basketball specific sports performance training, nutrition and supplement advice, and college planning services to all the Metuchen basketball players in our training family.


What to Expect From Your Metuchen Basketball Training

Your Metuchen basketball trainer, Rich Stoner, strives to provide the most complete solution for players to elevate their game.  These are far more than Metuchen basketball lessons offered as a sideline business.  As mentioned above, this solution includes basketball skill development, basketball specific sports performance training, nutrition and supplement advice, and college planning services.  Each workout whether group or personal is designed with personal care and strict attention is paid to the nature of the group or the specific skills that the individual needs to work on.  Furthermore, players will become students of the game throughout their Metuchen basketball training workout, consistently developing their basketball IQ while learning how each skill and drill applies to the actual game.  For example, a typical Metuchen Basketball Training workout may look something like the following:

  1. Warmup
  2. Double Move Stationary
    1. Lefty Between the Legs – Righty Between the Legs
    2. 6. Righty Between the Legs – Lefty Between the Legs
    3. 7. Lefty Behind the Back – Righty Behind the Back
    4. 8. Righty Behind the Back – Lefty Behind the Back
  3. Change of Direction
    1. Between the legs phase 3
    2. Stutter Crossover
    3. Behind the back
  4. 2 Foot Finishing Series Phase 1
    1. jump stop
    2. Pro hop
  5. Single Change Finishing
    1. Stutter Crossover w/jump stop
    2. Between legs w/pro hop
    3. Behind back w/choice
  6. Form shooting
    1. Side Backboard x 5
    2. Front Rims x 5
    3. Chair Setups x 5
    4. 10-2 Drill x 5
    5. Hurdle Hop Drill x 5 each direction (1 hop)
  7. Triangle Shooting
    1. Catch and shoot
    2. 1 Dribble Pull up
    3. 2 Dribble Pull up
  8. Front Pivot Series 2
    1. Front Pivot Jab Crossover step w/2 dribble pullup
    2. Front Pivot Jab Crossover step rip back with 1 dribble bank shot

Sports Performance Training and Nutrition Advice for Metuchen Basketball Players

Great basketball players know that basketball skill development is only a small piece of the basketball training puzzle.  To be the best, Metuchen basketball players must also develop their bodies athletically with basketball specific sports performance training and sound nutrition and supplementation.  Doing so will serve the athlete exponentially by making them quicker, stronger, and more powerful on the basketball court.   A well designed strength training program for Metuchen basketball players will also help prevent injury while proper nutrition and supplementation will add energy, improve recovery, and prevent fatigue and illness.  At Elite Basketball Training, we use only supplements from Advocare because they are NCAA approved and banned substance free.  A sample basketball sports performance workout may look something like this:


Dynamic Warmup

Foam Roll: Upper back, lats, hip flexors

Banded mobility: Shoulders and hips

A1. Back Squat work up to 5 RM

A2. 3 x max effort strict pull ups


B1. 3 x 15 weighted hip thrusts

B2. 3 x 8 dips


  1. Emom 12

Complete 1 prowler push down and back on all odd minutes and 12 ball slams on all even minutes.


How to get started with your Metuchen Basketball Training

 It is possible for you to experience Elite Basketball Training’s thorough and systematic approach to Metuchen basketball training.  Former Metuchen High School head boys basketball coach, Rich Stoner, is ready and waiting in nearby Edison, NJ to provide you with the tools to elevate your game and become elite.  Find out more about all the Elite Basketball Training programs that are offered for Metuchen basketball players at and contact your Metuchen basketball trainer, Rich Stoner today at or 732-239-0338 so that you too can experience first hand the most thorough basketball training solution around.

Accelerate Your Game With Metuchen Basketball Training!


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