One on One Combo Drill

I have stated before that playing one on one is a valuable way to incorporate the skills that have been trained throughout a workout into a game like situation.  The One on One Combo Drill allows players to work on offensive ball handling moves as well as attacking and finishing at the rim.  This drill also takes on a new level by incorporating multiple aspects of individual defense such as guarding the basketball, having to close out on a live dribble, and boxing out in order to get the rebound.  There is also an element of hustle for the defensive player who really has to work in order to get back to the ball handler with enough time to prevent them from an easy score.  The One on One Combo Drill can be used at all levels of play including: youth, middle school, high school, and beyond.  Below is the purpose of the drill, clickable diagrams of the drill’s two phases, and points that should be emphasized throughout the drill. 

Purpose of the Drill:

The purpose of this drill is to pressure the basketball by zig zagging or turning the ball handler and then close out on a live dribble.



  • The defensive player should zig zag or turn the ball handler as many times as possible going from sideline to sideline.
  • Try to stay between the top of the key and half court.


  • Once the two players have reached the opposite sideline, the defensive player sprints and touches the baseline and closes out on the ball handler who is sprint dribbling around a cone at half court and then attacking the basket.

Points of Emphasis:


  • Make the defender have to work while guarding you by changing speeds and changing directions.
  • Attack the rim aggressively with one move and as few dribbles as possible.
  • Explode past the defender after making your move. 


  • Be aggressive on the ball and turn the ball handler as many times as possible.
  • Sprint to the closeout.
  • Close out low, aggressive, balanced, and under control.
  • Keep the ball in front of you and force the ball handler to take a shot outside of the lane.
  • Box out to finish the drill.

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