Pickup Basketball: The Top 4 Benefits

Pickup Basketball Benefits

Pickup Basketball & Benefits Need To Make A Comeback

Pickup hoops, what happened to it? The days of getting together at the local park to “run” are fading fast. These days, with constant AAU tournaments and the fear of injury and overuse, no one makes time to play pick up anymore. Most of the weekend warriors these days are those of the older generation, guys and gals who are still trying to stay in shape and trying to hold on to the glory days of their basketball past. More power to them in my opinion. As far as the youth of America playing pick up? Almost nonexistent. Pick-up basketball was at one point in time, the heartbeat of the game. It desperately needs to make a comeback.

Pickup Basketball Can Aid  Player Development

Pick Up basketball is necessary for a player’s development. Physically and mentally. Physically, a player needs to know where they stack up with their peers and with players who are older, stronger and better than them. The playground or local rec center is the best place to be able to do this. Also, when a serious player spends a lot of time working out in the weight room, putting up shots or working on their skills; a pick-up game is a safe place to strut their new stuff. The playground is the perfect place to show off what you’ve been working on. Because who cares if you mess up a little bit? There’s no coach to yank you for screwing up or anything like that. It’s just you and a bunch of other hoopers doing their thing.

Pick Up Basketball Aids Conditioning

Also, pick-up is a nice way to stay in shape. Whether it’s during the season or not, whenever you can get a bit of a sweat in and run up and down a bit it is an excellent source of exercise. Read what a Denver cardiologist has to say about the benefit of pickup basketball on your heart.  So far as the mental aspect of the game, pick-up basketball has a lot to offer. A pick-up game is a place where a player can easily build confidence. There’s generally not a ton of defense being played so scoring is easy. And nothing builds a players confidence more than seeing that ball go through the hoop. It doesn’t matter who it is against either. Many players report first testing gains in our basketball speed and agility program on the pickup basketball courts.  Plus, like I stated before, young players often get the chance to go against older guys and success there can go a long way for a player’s development.  Conversely, these older guys have the craftiness and tricks that many young players can learn from.

Pickup Basketball Impacted NBA Players And Has History

Whenever you watch some old video of an NBA legend talking about how they fell in love with the game, most of the time they owe it to pick-up basketball. Especially those who grew up in an urban community. Pick-up basketball is a place where a young player can play without the pressure of a coach or a referee and just go out there and hoop.

NYC pickup basketball has been called the essence of basketball by many NBA players and historians.  Check out the trailer for the acclaimed movie “Doin It In The Park.”

Pick-up basketball is a form of basketball all its own. It’s simple and free flowing. It’s where a player can make their name and gain confidence. It’s where a younger player can go up against the older guys and gain some respect. Most importantly, it’s where everyone gets their start.

Pick Up Basketball Increases The Fun Factor

Pick Up basketball is a place where the game remains innocent. A blacktop court is a holy place. There is something magical about a game of pick-up. Or an entire day of pick-up for that matter. To just go out there with a couple of buddies and compete for bragging rights is so much fun. It doesn’t even have to be 5 on 5. It can be 4 on 4 or all the way down to 1 on 1. It can be a game of hunch or a game of 21. It can even be a game of HORSE. It doesn’t make a difference. Pick-up basketball is fun. And it will always remain good fun.

Sure pickup basketball has it’s problems and characters, but we think there are real life lessons that can be learned in dealing with some of them without having refs around to “settle” everything.  This massively popular video examines some of the pickup character stereotypes we all can relate to.

Try to work hard and implement new skills while playing pickup basketball.  Try not to take some of the buffoon characters as outlined above too seriously.

These days the organized game is a lot about money, and politics, and pressure on kids to perform. The good thing about pick-up is that none of those things matter. The only thing that matters on the hoop court that particular day is whether or not you got game.  Remember to try and introduce your new skills on the pickup court, then practice, and then into your game.  If you can’t find a pickup game, you might want to check out  It is a website and app that helps you find pickup games in your area.

New Jersey Pickup Basketball – We Hope You Find Your Way Back Into The Hearts of Players!


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