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AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products.  They are endorsed by many major athletes including Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints and three time defending Crossfit Games Champion, Rich Froning.  Furthermore, they are the ONLY company who does NOT have one single product on the NCAA’s banned substance list.  Click on the icon below to purchase your Advocare products today.



Point 3 Performance Basketball Apparel

DRYV Baller 2.0 Basketball Shorts


Hylete Clothing Apparel:

“Elite Basketball Training is excited to announce we are Powered by HYLETE.
 HYLETE is a performance clothing company specializing in apparel and accessories for the hybrid athlete.  Seriously, their clothes are amazingly comfortable and make you want to train harder and longer. The best part is that by being “powered by HYLETE”, everyone is invited to receive 20% off for life at

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Elite Basketball Training’s Speed and Agility Drills and Skills marks a revolution in speed and agility training for basketball.  Gone are the days where speed and agility for basketball players is performed in its own separate workout.  Throughout this video and book Elite Basketball Training provides you with speed and agility drills that will make you quicker and more agile while incorporating basketball skill development into each drill.  This ground-breaking concept makes these speed and agility drills even more specific to basketball.  So whether you are a player, parent, or a coach, you will find this way of training highly effective and extremely efficient and it will deliver incredible results on the basketball court.

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Basketball Classroom was born from the desire to help coaches and players win more games. We realize it’s easy to say “win more games” and not so easy to make that goal a reality; however, we are CONVINCED that any coach or player can gain an advantage on the court by learning from the “greats” who have gone before them. Take this opportunity to add to your arsenal and at the very least, sign up to get his free article. It will give you a taste of the basketball genius he has to offer. For more information, click on the icon above and get your FREE report.


Mental Toughness Academy

Mental Toughness Academy Free E-Book and video



THR college planning and recruiting services provide college planning and recruiting advice for high school student athletes and their families that will help them earn higher test scores, increase recruiting, facilitate communication with college coaches, and properly plan financially for college.  For more your free evaluation go to or click on the THR icon above. 


PRO SHOT Shooting System

The Pro Shot Shooting System is an advanced shooting program based on biomechanics and focusing.  The System is currently being employed by thousands of professional, collegiate and high school players and hundreds of AAU, high school and collegiate teams. It is also an integral part of how we teach jump shooting at Elite Basketball Training.


The Original Profender

The Original PROFENDER is the best training tool available for coaches and players at simulating defensive pressure on shooters.”   

Coach Bob Hurley Sr.



Anaconda Sports

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