Recruiting Tip of the Month…Be Prepared

Being recruited by a college for basketball can be chaotic for someone who has not been through the process before.   For the sure shot college player, letters, emails, text and phone messages from many different schools come in by the dozens on a daily basis pulling your mind in every direction.  For others who are in the middle of the pack and are looking to get noticed the process can be the opposite.  You, your parents, and your coaches will be making the calls to the schools and trying to explain why you should play on their team.  The college basketball market is stacked with perspective players and every little bit that you can do to stand out helps.  From this day forward, Elite Basketball Training and will be giving you a recruiting tip of the month.  And, starting today, I am proud to announce our newest recruiting tool, Recruiting Cards

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Recruiting Cards are designed to help you separate yourself from the hordes of high school players trying to get recruited by colleges, but what else can you do to make yourself stand out?  First off, prepare yourself to play college basketball.  Many boys and girls have aspirations of playing at the college level but not all of them put in the time and effort to get there.  Being able to play college basketball is the first step you as a player need to take in order to be able to do so.  Get in the gym everyday and work on your skills.  Hit the weightroom to gain size, speed, and strength.  If you are usure how, have a look around the site for drills and information on what you need to do to become an Elite basketball player.  “The will to succeed is nothing without the will to prepare,” and if you want to succeed at playing college basketball, you must be willing to prepare yourself to do so.

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