Rick Pitino Basketball Shooting Drill

At all of my Elite Basketball Training sessions players focus on shooting the basketball from various spots on the floor as well as off the catch and off the dribble.  Shooting the basketball from game spots is essential to every basketball player’s shooting workout.  So is the ability to shoot the basketball in a variety of ways.  Basketball players need to be able to shoot the ball off the catch while working on different pivots whether it be stepping straight in, inside pivots, front pivots, or reverse pivots.  They also need to incorporate all pivots into being  able to shoot the ball off the dribble going in both directions and attacking the rim going in both directions.   All the while, the player should be moving along at game speed while incorporating movement into the drill in order to replicate shooting in a game.  This type of shooting workout will ultimately prepare the basketball player for all situations that may appear in a game. 

The Pitino Shooting Drill is a great drill for all ages that incorporates all of the footwork and shots mentioned above as well as the movement required to make the drill challenging from a conditioning standpoint.  The diagram and description below shows the basic framework of the drill, but it is up to you as a coach or player to determine which type of footwork you will be working on during a given segment of training.  If done individually, this drill will prove to be a challenge from a fatigue standpoint that guarantees to get you ready to make the big shot in the fourth quarter of the game when you are tired.  Enjoy the drill and for more information on any of the drills or the design of my Elite Basketball Training workouts feel free to comment below or contact me through my website. 

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Ages All Ages, Youth, Middle School, High School+


Purpose of the Drill:

To allow players to develop that ability to shoot off the catch, off the dribble, and finish at the rim while working on footwork and shooting at game speed.


Pitino Shooting

  • In this 7 spot drill, the player shoots a corner 3 running to opposite corner after their shot to take a 3 from opposite corner. Then they run back to original corner for a one dribble pull-up before heading to opposite corner to do the same. Finally, the player will return to original corner for a catch-rip- 1 dribblelayup.
  • This series will be completed at each of the seven cones.
  • This drill can be done individually or with multiple players (no more than 3)
  • With more than one player, keep score and go until you reach 42 points. Three pointers are worth 3, pullups are worth 2, layups are worth 1.
  • With one player, the coach should rebound. With more than one, the players can rebound and pass themselves.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Proper footwork should be emphasized.
  • Be low and have your hands ready to shoot.
  • Push the ball out on pull up jumpers or layups.
  • Use a change of direction dribble on pull up jumpers or layups for more advanced work.
  • With more than one player, good passes should be emphasized.
  • Work through fatigue and be sure to keep using your legs at the end. You will feel it!

Motivation/Teaching Tips:

  • You can turn this in to a competition if you have more than one player or group.
  • See who reaches 42 points first or with one player, try playing to 21.

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