Sandbags, Tires, and Kettlebells…Oh My

Having to go to the gym or weightroom every day to strength train for basketball can get monotonous.  Lifting the same weights and doing the same exercises day in and day out can get very boring.  At Elite Basketball Training we strive to break that monotony by getting away from the norm.  Sure we lift weights when we strength train for basketball but they are definitely not the type of weights that you would think of.  We use kettlebells, sandbags, tires, and other odd implements that are guaranteed to get results.  In today’s  video, you will see two partner workouts that we completed by using only the implements mentioned above that are guaranteed you a stronger, faster, and more explosive basketball player. 

In the first partner workout, you will see the one player throwing a tire backwards over his head down to the 50 yard line and back while his partner is doing an overhead sandbag carry with a 100lb bag.  In the second workout, one player is doing kettlebell swings while the other is sprinting to the 50 yard line and back.  The players are getting a lot out of this workout.  The overhead carries focus on strength and conditioning, the tire throws and kettlebell swings are great for building explosive power in your legs and hips (an excellent form of jump training), the sprint brings in an element of speed, and the continuous nature of the circuit is great for conditioning. Take a look at any elite basketball player and you will see a player with great strength, power, speed, and conditioning. So if you are bored with your normal gym workouts, give these two a try and get on the fast track to becoming and elite basketball player.

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  1. King Reeh says:

    I have used many workout for abs methods, and found yours really good

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