Secrets To New Year’s Resolutions (Sneak Peak)

With all the talk this past week of “New Year’s Resolutions” I really got to thinking about a system for setting a goal for the entire year and having 100% success with achieving it. Here are some observations I’ve made about “Why Resolutions Don’t Work”

1. Too unspecific: starting the year with a resolution to lose weight is a recipe for failure. You need to be specific with how much weight you want to lose, when you want to lose it, why you want to lose it etc.

2. Too far away: setting a goal for the entire year is not bad in itself but if you don’t break it down into smaller goals with their own individual deadlines it becomes too large of a task or worse you may feel like you have all the time in the world to achieve the goals and end up procrastinating and not achieving any of them.

3. Only solves a tiny problem: setting a resolution like, “I won’t drink soda all year” is great……for a 1 month goal. After that point it should be a habit and you should then be focusing on the next new habit. So instead of one new good habit for the entire year you now have 12.

4. Do or die: most people set out to do a resolution and end up quitting at the first sign of trouble. “Don’t drink soda for a year” works for a while until that party comes up that you have a soda and then you go, “damn I ruined my resolution!” Oh well I guess I can have soda now.” 80% of the time is better than 0% of the time. Stick to something and realize you’re not going to be perfect.

5. Resolution boredom: focusing on one singular goal for an entire year is extremely boring.

6. No Carrot: most people don’t establish the real reason behind their goal. You set a goal to not drink soda for a year. Why? To lose weight. Why? Seriously! There are plenty of fat people that don’t care they are fat. Why is it a problem for you and why is it important for you to change?

7. No stick: Lastly, the big one is that nobody sets a consequence for their resolution. Establish what will happen if you don’t achieve your goal and share that with 5 people who will hold you accountable if you fail.

Example: “I want to improve my vertical jump in the next year because I can’t jump over a piece of paper and if I don’t reach this goal I have to take my trainer Rich out to a fancy dinner at his favorite restaurant.”

Now that is a resolution. Keep your eye out for an e-mail from me Monday, I’ve got something special for you 😉

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