Staying Low in Basketball

The game of basketball when played properly is played from low to high.  While playing, basketball players should be in a low, balanced position.  This shoud be the norm througout the game whether they are on defense or offense.  Good players with the basketball, handle the ball low to the ground and then finish high at the rim or on their jump shot.  Good defenders will be in a low athletic stance in order to move affectively with the man that they are guarding.  Basketball players who are constantly standing up only make themselves less efficient, slower players.  By standing straight up during the course of play, the player is now forced to drop back down in order to elevate for a jumper, layup, or rebound.  This extra movement, makes them a slower player.   Despite this, many young players today refuse to get low while playing the game.  The reasons could vary from laziness, to a lack of strength, to not ever practicing staying low.  Whatever the reason is, it needs to be fixed!  Staying low is one of the most fundamental aspects of basketball that needs to be worked on, and it needs to be worked on in all facets of the game.  Getting low defensively, getting low while handling the ball, and getting low while beating your defender which is the subject of the video below.

In this basketball training video, the player is executing a drill which emphasizes the low position that is necessary as a player goes by their defender.  In this case, the player will make a move at the cone (the defender) in a low enough position that she can knock down the cone, then she must hold that position for a two count, and then push off the back leg for one dribble and finish high into her jump shot.  Holding the position will help her body understand the low, explosive position that she needs to get to in order to explode past the defender low and stay low until she elevates up into her jump shot.

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