Success From the Pro Shot System

Last week’s basketball skill development post on the jump shot and the Pro Shot jump shooting system drew a lot of attention from the Elite Basketball Training community.  One email that I received in response to the post, I Unsubscribed Immediately that was really inspiring and touching was the following.

Hi Rich…Just read your Pro shot (or not) post via email. I sent this video to Paul H. over the weekend, thought you’d like to see, too. My little Emma is all in for pro shot.   She knows why she misses when she does and she fixes promptly.   She still has things to learn but she has been fairly deadly from three in her first three games this year, not bad from 2 either.  Her pro shot started with you and Paul at Elite so I always think fondly of you guys.

    “1 Down 3 Up” Release to perfection.
A Closer Look
The finished product…

I love when players are successful especially ones as coachable as Emma.  She was open to change, took what she learned at our clinics and applied it to her own game.  Great job Emma, keep up the good work.
I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friends, and basketball training (of course).  Keep your eyes open for next week’s best of 2013 Elite Basketball Training Videos where I post the top basketball skill development and sports performance videos from Elite Basketball Training.


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