Summer Basketball Training – Prepare Yourself

Summer Basketball Training

Summer Basketball Training…What’s Your Plan?

Summer is right around the corner. The sun will be shining and that means no more school. What is a baller to do all day? For those players who are serious about taking their game to the next level, the summer is where the real work happens. Ask any NBA player what they did all summer and they will tell you that they sharpened their swords while also adding a new weapon to their repertoire. That means they improved their fundamentals, their bread and butter, but also added something new to their game. The summer time provides a ton of time for young players to work out and get better. However, in order to get the most out of the summer you need to do it right.

Set Basketball Training Goals

Setting work out goals is a great way to measure progress. If you struggled at the free throw line set a goal to shoot 100 free throws every day. If you can only bench press 100 pounds one time but know you need to be throwing up 135 ten times, then let that be your goal. If you are grabbing the rim and want to dunk, then wrap your head around doing what it takes to accomplish that. If you are not the fastest guy on your team attack a basketball speed and agility program.  Whatever your basketball goal may be, set a high yet attainable goal in the summer and take the necessary steps to accomplishing that goal. If you aren’t quite sure what you need to work on, ask your coach. Your coach can provide you with information on what they need or want you to work on in order to best help the team the following season.  Then share that information with your basketball trainer so you can build a basketball training agenda.

Be Organized In Your Basketball Agenda

Once you have that goal or goals set, be organized in measuring your progress. Write it down your new records in your phone so you always have it with you or you could even go old school and make a chart or tally it all in a notebook. Whatever is easiest for you, or however you can best track your progress, do so. The satisfaction in seeing a hard copy of your progress is a special feeling.

Be Consistent in Training

There is no point in setting a goal if you aren’t going to consistently try and reach it. Nike had a campaign last year that said “Summer is Serious” and they were right. Be serious in trying to get better and accomplishing what you want to accomplish. You will only get out what you put in.

Summers can be very long or very short depending on how you look at them. At the college level (and most high school basketball programs,) the pre-season basketball workouts and basketball specific conditioning start when school starts. If you wasted most of your summer relaxing at the beach and think you can get your game back and get in shape during that last week, then you are mistaken. That would be a short summer. A long summer is the one where a player spent countless hours in the gym doing the basketball drills and killed themselves all the time working to get better. By time the pre-season started they were tired but knew that they were prepared.

Balance Skill Development With Speed And Agility Training

Having great skills is not enough in basketball.  You need to be able to perform them at high rates of speed while staying on balance and changing directions.  Consider buying our basketball speed and agility program by clicking below and getting to work on adding speed to your game.

Basketball Agility Training Videos

Recharge off the Basketball Court

There is plenty of time to work out in the summer but don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Even the pro’s take a day or two on rare occasions to catch some rays or hit up a barbeque with the family. Don’t stress yourself out trying to be the guy who was the most dedicated during the summer. If you spend the time it takes to be great and reach the high yet attainable goals you set for yourself, then you should be all set once the season starts.

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