Fundamental Ballhandling Drill (Video)

At Elite Basketball Training we are always looking for new ways to improve our basketball skills training. Basketball skill development encompasses many aspects of the game of basketball and there is such a great variety of drills out there to choose from. This drill today is a drill that I use as part of a stationary ballhandling warmup.

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Students of the Game

This season, I have a pretty talented backcourt and this weekend at our basketball team’s pre-game shoot around, I spent some time talking to my guards about their shot selection on their drives to the basket and when they get into the lane. The discussion was mainly on finishing around the rim based on different defensive situations.

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Three Chair Attack Drill

Basketball skill development is a key component to becoming a good basketball player as is something that is worked on daily with my basketball team but also with my players that train at Elite Basketball Training. Elite Basketball Training focusses on the development of multiple skills as well as speed, quickness, agility, and strength. Two of those skills are ballhandling and finishing or shooting a jumper off the dribble. The Three Chair Attack Drill is a excellent drill to work on both of these skills

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Basketball Agility Drill (Video)

As you know, I am a big advocate of combining basketball skills with speed and agility drills especially when it comes to the agility ladder. I make sure that I incorporate a few variations of these drills into all of my workouts as I feel it is vital to your success on the court.
In this post you will see a video of several sequences of one of the agility ladder drills that we did at one of my recent clinics.

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Weak Hand Development

Last friday, I registered once again for the Garden State Coaches Clinic at St. Benedict’s Prep. in Newark, N.J. I have attended this clinic for about five years now and it has never once been a let down. Each year they bring in some of the top basketball minds from around the country and I am able to gather tons of useful information that I use for my basketball season as well as Elite Basketball Training.

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