The Third Key to Scoring: Reading the Defense

Reading the defense is something that great players do at all times on the basketball court. It is a key component to what makes them great because it makes them a more efficient player. This efficiency enables them to be a better scorer because, ultimately, they are not taking bad, and contested shots. They are taking open shots and open shots tend to go in more often, just ask the Golden State Warriors.

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The Second Key to Scoring: Moving Without the Ball

It is one thing to be able to shoot the basketball well, but players must be able to get open in order to get their shot off. Getting open requires basketball players to move without the basketball. This can be accomplished more effectively by using distinct changes of speed and direction and also mastering a variety of cuts based on how the defense it playing you.

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5 Keys to Scoring: Develop Your Jump Shot

With that in mind and with Elite Basketball Training’s second
Born to Score Holiday Hoops Clinic a month away, I have decided to break down my five keys to scoring over the next few weeks of blog posts. These keys include:

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Your Growth as a Basketball Player

Know Your (Basketball) Enemy