Only a Division 1 Scholarship Will Do

This week’s college recruiting tip of the week focuses on accepting only a Division 1 college scholarship.

Parents and student-athletes often feel anything less than an athletic scholarship to a Division I program is unacceptable. Do no’t be foolish;

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You Don’t Want to Miss This

Okay, I know that I promised those of you who are fans of Elite Basketball Training on facebook an article on the deadlift and why it is an important lift for basketball players, and I will definitely get that up as soon as possible. However, I would be remiss if I did not tell you guys one more time about how great this weekend’s Grand Athletic Expo at The Fields is going to be.

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Elite Basketball Training Expanding (Part 1)

At the beginning of the summer, I expanded on Elite Basketball Training in order to include a recruiting service for all high school athletes looking to play any sport in college. The recruiting service called The Highlight Reel – Central Jersey, LLC is a franchise of the national recruiting service The Highlight Reel, Inc. which has been in existence for the last five years. Our services go above and beyond your average recruiting service as one of my local affiliates dubbed it, “A recruiting service on steroids.” The main goal of The Highlight Reel is to simplify the often hectic recruiting process for all parties involved while ensuring that the student athlete uses their talents to obtain a college degree.

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Four Free College Recruiting Tips

In April of this year, Elite Basketball Training expanded to include what I feel is the best one-on-one recruiting service in the entire country, The Highlight Reel, Inc. The Highlight Reel has been a successful national recruiting service for the past four years helping high school student athletes realize their dreams of playing college sports and getting an average of 65% of their college tuition paid for.

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How To Prevent Recruiting Mistakes

In the coming month, Elite Basketball Training, LLC will be working alongside with The Highlight Reel recruiting service as I become the owner and operator of its Central Jersey branch. The Highlight Reel is the nation’s premier one-on-one recruiting service and has given over 1500 student athletes the opportunity to pursue their dream of playing a college sport. Below is a list that was put together by Dominick Ferraro, Owner of The Highlight Reel, that outlines how to prevent potential recruiting mistakes.

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