The Best of 2012: Basketball Training Videos

Hi Everyone,

First of all I want to take this time to wish all of my Elite Basketball Training Family a Happy and Healthy New Year.  I look forward to continuing to provide you with the tools to elevate your game and become ELITE.  At the end of each year, I always try to come up with some sort of motivation to take your game to the next level, and this year is no different.  However, instead of proposing some hypotheticals of what you can become, I decided to show you what people have become in 2012 with my Best of 2012: Basketball Training Videos.  This is a compilation basketball skill development and sports performance training videos taken from this year.  Use them as a learning tool and a source of motivation to become the best basketball player you can in 2013. 

1. Two Ball Dance

In this drill by Elite Basketball Training the player is working on his ability to change directions by chasing down basketballs thrown in various directions by teammates.

2. First Step Resistance Band Training  

Rich Stoner of Elite basketball shows how to use resistance bands to increase performance.


3.  Back Foot Finishing

Rich Stoner of Elite Basketball talks about how Allen Iverson learned how to finish at the basket, despite his small size, using his back foot as an anchor, draw contact and not get blocked.


4.  Touch Spot Shooting Drill

Rich Stoner of Elite Basketball Training teaches a shooting drill at one of Elite’s training sessions where the players shoot out of three separate cuts within the half court.


5. Bodyweight Exercises for Youth Basketball Players

This is a compilation of body weight exercises that I use frequently as a basis for the development of youth basketball players.


These are my top five videos of 2012, but there are plenty more on my Youtube Channel and Elite Basketball Training Facebook Fan Page.  So head on over to those pages, check out more, and let me know which ones you liked best in the comments section below.  Happy New Year.

Elevate your game. Become ELITE.

Rich Stoner

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