The Importance of Strength and Conditioning For Basketball

The Importance of Strength And Conditioning For Basketball

Basketball is a sport that puts many requirements and demands on the athletes that play it. A successful basketball player is one who is fundamentally sound and possesses the ability to dribble, pass, and shoot. These are three skills that can and should be worked on, daily. However, they are not the only parts of the game that equate to success. Successful basketball players are also strong, quick, powerful, have good balance, and have good endurance. But, can these characteristics be trained or worked on? Absolutely, and they should be.

Strength and Conditioning For Basketball Excellence

Consider this, players spend hours working on their jump shot, shooting jumper after jumper out in their driveway or in a gym just to make sure they can hit shots in a game. However, if they do not possess the power to explode up and get their jumper off over a taller defender, or the endurance to have their jumper continue to fall when they are tired in the fourth quarter all those hours of shooting may amount to nothing. Or maybe the player is a great ball handler and passer, but they lack the ability to change speed and direction because of poor balance and a lack of quickness.

Think of Strength and Conditioning As A Basketball Skill

Ultimately, what they can do with the basketball means nothing. Finally, perhaps someone is a good fundamentally sound defender but cannot jump to the ball quick enough, or close out correctly because of poor balance, or stay with their bigger more physical opponent because of a lack of strength.  What is the solution to all of these problems?  It is really quite simple, work on all of your basketball skills including strength, speed, and conditioning.

If you were not able to pass, dribble, or shoot well, you would work on that skill until you were better at it. Strength, speed, agility, jumping ability, and even endurance are no different. These are all skills that should and need to be worked on. Nowadays, it is no longer frowned upon to lift weights for basketball. Gone are the days of the weight training will hurt my jump shot adage. And realistically, what basketball player would not want to be faster or jump higher? A good strength and conditioning program could be the difference between making the team or not making the team, starting varsity or sitting on jv, or even becoming a major college player or not playing college basketball at all. So do not wait any longer, the time has come for you to start incorporating strength and conditioning into your basketball workouts.

Not sure where to begin, try these two beginning phase basketball workouts:

Strength Workout for Basketball

Speed Workout for Basketball


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Basketball Agility Training Videos

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