This Really Bothered Me – Shooting Form Debate Continues

Basketball Shooting Form Debate

Basketball Shooting Form Evolution

As a basketball trainer  I try to keep an open mind about basketball training and coaching methods.  As a matter of fact, for the nine years that Elite Basketball Training has been around, we have evolved year in and year out by learning, teaching, making mistakes, adjusting, and learning some more.  It is for this reason that we are the most complete basketball skill development and basketball sports performance training company in New Jersey. However, I fear that other coaches, trainers, and players may not be as open to learn.  Two Days ago I posted the above picture on Facebook and it was highly criticized by someone saying that this player’s, “shoulders should be in front of his feet. Shoulders should follow the ball it keeps you from being short.”

My response was that this could not be more incorrect.  In fact, if your shoulders follow your jump shot that will produce a flat shot and you will miss short or long off the back rim because your body simply cannot produce any arch that way.  The body is a machine and it works efficiently in certain ways.  Having your shoulders forward when you shoot and keeping them ahead of your feet at extension and follow through forces all of your weight to go forward thereby making the shooter unbalanced.  I explained to this person that great players know this and that is why the best jump shooters in the NBA like Kevin Durant and Steph Curry have form exactly like the boy in the picture above.  It is also why I teach that method because if it’s good enough for the reigning league MVP then it is good enough for guys like us.  The guy wasn’t too keen on my response and shot back at me with a sarcastic comment about basketball being the only sport where you “take mass, as in the ball, in one direction and your body weight in the opposite direction.”

I’m trying not to chuckle as I type this even two days later.

Open Your Mind to Change of Shooting Habits

The close mindedness of this guy is not uncommon but it really angered me that someone could be so stuck in his ways to totally blow off what I was saying.  All you have to do is watch an NBA game and you can see that good shooters do NOT in any way shoot with their shoulders in front of their feet.  Their shoulders come up and back as they shoot and their feet sweep forward. This is a natural body movement and ultimately puts arch on the shot.

I responded to this guy in one final statement saying that he should check out this video and then tell me I’m wrong =>  Sweep and Sway

Our Shooting Form Influence

Much of what I now know about jump shooting I have learned from Paul Hoover, the founder of the Pro Shot System.  So much so that he trusts me to teach players his system and refers them to me regularly.  If you are interested in learning the Pro Shot System then I have the program for you.  My Nothin’ But Net  summer basketball program is for basketball players of all skill levels in grade school, middle school and high school, both boys and girls, and is designed to develop their jump shot, using the famous Pro Shot System.  Learn how to shoot the basketball using the secrets of professional basketball players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Michael Jordan.

This system will replace your misses with swishes so don’t miss out on this opportunity this summer.

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