Turn Misses Into Makes

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Helping my 10 year old daughter develop her basketball skills is a highly rewarding experience. I love seeing her excitement when she realizes that her game is improving. However, for all the positive breakthroughs there are an equal amount of days that end in frustration and tears. Shots don’t fall, layups are missed, the ball doesn’t seem to bounce right and ultimately confidence is depleted. Such are the trials and tribulations of working with your own kid.

Lately though I have been trying to teach her an important lesson that only through those misses can a better jump shot be attained. That is, as long as you seek feedback and make adjustments.

Why You Should Watch Your Jump Shot

Do you watch your jump shot for any other reason than to see if it goes in? If you answered ‘No’ to this question than improving your jumper will be a challenge. Good players watch their jump shot to, not only, see if they make it but also if they miss and, if so, how. Are you missing short, long, right, left? Knowing how you are missing helps determine the corrections that can be made to fix and improve your shot.

Make Adjustments Based on Feedback

The other day, my daughter was missing shot after shot, usually to the right. She couldn’t figure out why until I told her to focus on the fingers that she was releasing the ball off of and make sure the index finger was the last finger to leave the ball and finish in the center of the rim. When she made this adjustment, low and behold the ball started to go in again. This is hardly a miracle, just a player making an adjustment based on how she was missing.

Basketball Training in New Jersey

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