Weak Hand Development

Last friday, I registered, once again, for the Garden State Coaches Clinic at St. Benedict’s Prep. in Newark, N.J.  I have attended this clinic for about five years and it has never, once, been a let down.  Each year they bring in some of the top basketball minds from around the country and I am able to gather tons of useful information that I use for my basketball season as well as Elite Basketball Training.  This year promises to be no different as Mike Fratello, Hubie Brown, Kevin Eastman, and a couple others are scheduled to speak on various basketball topics.  I am looking forward to hearing all three of these guys again, but it is Kevin Eastman that I am looking forward to the most.  If you have not gotten the chance to see Coach Eastman speak, you are truly missing out.  He has a way of simplifying concepts that allow for everyone listening to understand.  Furthermore, he is an authority on basketball skill development which is one of the main components of this site so stay tuned for some great ideas in the coming weeks. 

One of Coach Eastman’s main concepts that he feels should be included in every skill building workout is weak hand devlopment.  Working on this skill in a variety of ways will allow players to pass, dribble, shoot, and finish with their weak hand.  This can be done in a variety of ways, but one of the more basic ways is seen in the video below.  This video will show you how to incorporate weak hand development into a workout for beginners.  There will be videos to follow really soon on more advanced weak hand development drills, but if any of you know of some other ways to work on your weak hand please let the Elite Basketball Training community know about them by responding in the comments section. 

Train hard, be efficient, and I will see you on the court.

Rich Stoner

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